Final disposal field can be chosen from everywhere in Japan


Hosono, minister of environment attended at the town councilor of Naraha machi Fukushima to request them to accept interim storage facility, on 4/7/2012.
At the same time, Hosono stated final disposal site must be chosen from everywhere in Japan to emphasize that they are going to choose a place for final disposal site from outside of Fukushima.

Hosono explains that soil and debris from decontamination should be distributed in 3 different interim storage facilities, in Futaba, Okuma, and Naraha otherwise it causes significant trafic jam to take in and it may affect reactor decommissioning.
In March, Japanese government requested these 3 towns to have interim storage facility but town councilor of Naraha voted for the opinion to be against accepting interim storage facility.
汚染土壌の最終処分「日本全体で」 細野環境相、楢葉町議会に強調
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