Escape plan 12/9/2011

Can’t sleep on my back because it makes me cough harder, feels like sputum is stuck in bronchi.

It’s been like this for this month but slowly it’s getting worse and worse.

I know doc would only prescript me with vitamin and flour so I won’t waste my time and money on them. Rational docs have already evacuated themselves.

My neighbors are coughing as well. I can hear them coughing all night long.

At least my spirit is safe here.

Today recycle men came to pick up most of the furniture, there’s almost nothing left.

My favorite bar counter table and chairs were only 300 JPY though T T

Here used to be my living room.(Japanese size)

Took away my bed.

Empty cupboard. Reminds me of when I came here.

Emergency bed made of 20 plastic bags. It actually feels really good.

My new business center. lol

Make sure nothing’s left in my book shelf.

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