Escape plan 12/9/2011

Can’t sleep on my back because it makes me cough harder, feels like sputum is stuck in bronchi.

It’s been like this for this month but slowly it’s getting worse and worse.

I know doc would only prescript me with vitamin and flour so I won’t waste my time and money on them. Rational docs have already evacuated themselves.

My neighbors are coughing as well. I can hear them coughing all night long.

At least my spirit is safe here.

Today recycle men came to pick up most of the furniture, there’s almost nothing left.

My favorite bar counter table and chairs were only 300 JPY though T T

Here used to be my living room.(Japanese size)

Took away my bed.

Empty cupboard. Reminds me of when I came here.

Emergency bed made of 20 plastic bags. It actually feels really good.

My new business center. lol

Make sure nothing’s left in my book shelf.

  1. you are getting rid of your stuff because it is contaminated? i am so sorry for what is happening there. though i am far from japan, i know i am not immune to this poison in the air/water/food/[everything]. what is your escape plan? i am glad that you have assurance that your spirit is safe, but i pray that you are not thinking of taking your life. i am a new reader and don’t mean to jump to this conclusion or be too forward, but i am concerned. i want to help, but i don’t know what to do. i am in the southeastern usa.


  2. Sleep upright or at an upright angle against some stacked pillows. This will keep the mucus from draining into and accumulating in your bronchii’s and lungs.

    Also, might try over the counter Mucinex with 600 mg of guaifenesin to thin out the mucus in your respiratory tract and allow for easier breathing. You can take one of those every 8 hours.

    After you get our of Japan, or even before you leave, you should go on some serious heavy metal cleansing. In particular you need to do some heavy metal cleansing that will help the lungs. Milk thistle is good for that in addition to good for the liver. There is a lot of other good heavy metal cleansing that I assume you know about.

    Good luck. Hope you leave Japan soon.

  3. Hi Mochizuki,

    How are you today?
    I realize how much questions the situation is raising in your head. Please consider widely how life has an enormous variety of strategies of evolving around a balance that none of our technologies can bear the thousandth of it.

    For the present situation I propose you this :

    Very efficient and easy home sirup :

    Chop a small onion, pu it in a small plate and add four tea spoons of sugar or honey. Leave it four hours alone, then take one tea spoon of the sirup two or three times a day. Coughing should be easily away.

    And, once or twice, in the morning take Nigari salt, a tip of knife in a glass of water. Or chloride of magnesium.
    This is for immune system and lowering pains.

    Natural Vit C or mulitvit and selenium is of good advice too, as antioxydant agents.

    Linen seeds are of good help too, soaked or not soaked in water. Extremely helpful for radioactivity.

    Use a few drops (four) of rosemary’s essential oil to clean your flatt’s air, on a hankerchif that you leave beside your bed. If you are not at home, then put a little of this essential oil on your belly. Put your finger on the tip of the bottle and turn it up side down so your finger get’s a little bit wet of oil and rub your belly, repeat once or twice. You can do that two or three times a day. Prefer Rosemary Verbenone if you find, others are good too, but a little aggressive for the liver so use it carefully, without exceeding doses. Very strong bactericide and much more… It’s especially good for radiations too.

    With all this you go through any desease much more easily, recover much better.

    Price for Rosemary’s oil is about 20 dollars. You will have enough for a very long time.

    Coughing can often be related to fatigue and sadness too. Just recognizing it relieves a little caring attention on these topics and helps to make your way through them as the best possible for instance.

    Best regards and wishes for your recovery.

    1. That’s interesting…I don’t read French or know about radiesthesia? Could you explain more? I know that a Japanese psychic predicted a big blow-out and nuclear meltdowns and the crumbling of Japan…he said it would get worse before it got better. But, that Japan would come back at a much later date–I hope so!

  4. Hi

    Thinking about you Mochizuki, and hope you rest some time, although I’ll be so happy to read your postings soon again.

    If any questions about health my phone number is 0041 24 425 00 77.
    If any questions on computer… I can do nothing…

    Best wishes

  5. i am a Canadian in China. I am really sorry for you, your family, Japan and the rest of us. I have many Japanese friends and students here in China. You complain about your lungs, please research Colloidal Silver. I have used it now for nearly 4 years after I came to China and started coughing day and night! it is easy to make but you can buy it, too.

  6. p.s. You can also wear a mask indoors!! We’re having a clear day today (no Jet Stream overhead) and it feels fantastic. I did do some coughing earlier though. I think it is getting worse coming from Japan! :/

    Thanks again for this blog & take all due precautions!

  7. If you want to come to New York you can stay in my apartment free of charge for two months, when I am in India. It’s nothing fancy, downright shabby in fact. But it’s in Manhattan. You’ve got my email.

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