Disposal field of highly radioactive waste is in the river-head area of Minami soma


Mr. Oyama, city councilor of Minamisoma shi warns highly radioactive waste will contaminate river-head area of Minamisoma.

Currently, radioactive soil produced from decontamination in Iidate mura is deposited in a temporary disposal field in Minamisoma shi, where is in national forest.
More than 80% is already occupied, but the decontamination is supposed to continue for more 5 years.
2700 ha of area is planned to be decontaminated but the disposal field is only 30 ha.
The radioactive waste is supposed to be moved to interim storage facility in 3 years but the location is not decided yet.
They measured 32 μSv/h from the soil taken from elementary school.

However, the waste is packed in the pervious material. The soil contains seeds so plants will grow to spike out of the package too. It’s also severely damaged by sun shine in one and a half year.

Rain or snowmelt will get into the package, flow into the Niida river and the ground with radiation.






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