Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto

Hosono, minister of economy visited Kyoto to request Yamada governor accept the radioactive debris.
He also planned to give a speech and distribute pamphlets in front of Kyoto station but because of the too much protest action, it was cancelled.

At first he appealed for the sentiment, “Disaster debris reminds the victims of Tsunami”, but at end, he stated, “No matter how much they protest, we can not stop sharing the debris.”

↓ This pamphlet was planned to be distributed.

intense protest kyoto debris


Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto




細野大臣 京都府知事にがれき受け入れ要請
東日本大震災で発生した、がれきの受け入れを進めようと31日、細野環境大臣が京都を訪れ、知事や住民らに理解を求めた。細野環境大臣は、がれきの受け入れに前向きな姿勢を示している京都府の山田知事らと会談し、改めて協力を要請した。岩手県や宮城県で発生した震災がれきは2000万トンを超えるが、処理が済んだのは7.6%で、国は全国の自治体に協力を求め、来月6日までに受け入れの検討状況を回答するよう求めている。会談後、JR京都駅で細野大臣がみずからビラ配りを行う予定だったが、抗議活動が行われ中止となった。(03/31 19:00)







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12 Responses to “Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto”

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  2. american says:

    I would think 10,000 or 100,000 Japanese citizens of all ages, conducting a quiet walking candlelight vigils, would soften the hearts of even the hardest of Japanese politicians, government, and corporate officials.

  3. mikael says:

    The dam is breaking, and all the “conspiracys” we where acused of, on our quest against this Nucklear horror.
    This is what I defines as a, almoust shockingly Hunest.

    What we are witnesing is the Deathbed of Nuk ind. I belive its just a matter of time, the scale and scope is begining to make an impact, but I am stil of that opininon, its to late.
    What can and sould be done is evac. and nothing happens, that alone is Anouf for me to see that They stil continue the lies and coverups. I have earlyer talked about Nuklear Night mare, as an abstract idea.
    But something in this scears me.
    The once abstract is slowly creaping into life, and the next Year will be Ugly.

    Time, ladys and gentlemen is essence, we must NOT forgett that, and stil Children is inside the Death sone.

    Wake up Japan, the Time is running OUT, its No joke, its a Fact.


    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Need to get this into the mainstream media. Might help if it went viral. URL is

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  6. KA says:

    It’s just crazy ! Impossible for a foreigner to understand Government policy and behaviour of Japanese people. Maybe it would be different if women were in Government….

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  8. Dave says:

    Thanks for this article. Will definitely be sharing this with a few people :)

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  12. Google translation of the “Source” noted above is somewhat broken but you can understand the gist of it. It reads:
    “Acceptance request to the governor of Kyoto rubble Minister Hosono
    31, the Minister of the Environment Hosono visiting Kyoto will Susumeyo earthquake that occurred in the East, the acceptance of the rubble, and residents sought an understanding of the governor. Hosono Minister of the Environment, met with Governor Yamada et al. Of Kyoto shows a positive attitude to the acceptance of the rubble, were asked to cooperate again. Earthquake rubble occurred in Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture is more than 20 million tons, only 7.6% processing is done, the State sought the cooperation of local governments throughout the country, six days next month to consider acceptance of are asked to answer the situation. After the meeting, the Minister was scheduled to do the flyers itself in Hosono Kyoto Station JR, was canceled a protest is made. (03/31 19:00)”

    I lived on Okinawa for a total of seven years, love Okinawa and her people, and have been a self-instructed student of Okinawa since the 1980s. I’m by no means an expert – far from it – but I do know that Okinawa has been treated poorly by mainland Japan at least ever since 1609, and especially troubling is the manner in which the Government of Japan has looked down upon the Okinawans since 1944 when it decided that Okinawa was to be their whipping boy and last-ditch bastion whereupon the island was inundated with Japanese military, and against the will of the majority of peace-loving Ryukyuans. I am absolutely disgusted with even the notion that Okinawa should be expected to bear the brunt of handling and maintaining nuclear waste from the north of Japan! No other unaffected/uncontaminated prefectures should be asked to do it either. But, by all means, LEAVE OKINAWA ALONE!!!

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