One year and when you are thought to be assailant


I don’t like one year anniversary. Nothing’s ended. We only confirmed that nothing has been improved since 311.
The public execution has begun in Fukushima, like in Minamisoma. As I hear from people actually working there or living there, I find the situation really desperate. Nothing can be done.
Now it’s only in Fukushima but it will be in Chiba, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and everywhere.
but even when I talk to my family, it can’t be a conversation. I’m just get out get out get out. and they are like, it’s cold, or it’s sunny, or it’s snowing or just on about meaningless things. Once I talk about their business, it wil start a fight. I guess the situation is too serious for them to accept.

Medical record of human deformation or still birth is being collected but I’m not allowed to publish it. They are trying to make proper statistics before publishing it. I can understand it, but that’s different from my atitude.
Fukushima diary is to warm people to evacuate. so it must be fast. must be before it goes on major media. That’s what I needed just after 311, that’s why I’m doing it now. Should I evacuate or not, that’s what I wanted to know. so the balance is difficult. I try to keep it not over the top.
but the conclusion is, everyone must evacuate.
The reality in Fukushima, and the future of Japan is overwhelming. Even I can’t take it seriously though my head is understanding it. No home, no country, nothing. I still can’t understand what I’m doing. I think I’m going to take 30 or 40 years to understand it really.

Now Japanese people are confused. They are finally understanding the risk of the SFP of reactor 4, and the risk of spreading the radioactive debris. The minister of economy, Edano’s father is the boss of the factory waste industry of north kanto area. so simple to understand.
It’s not anniversary or anything. It’s just begun. It will end one day. but we won’t see it ending.
I want to tell people who make their own children have contaminated food and air from their own sloth. One day, you will be thought to be assailant by your own children, just like Tepco or Japanese government.

I didn’t want to do anything special for one year anniversary. I’m afraid that makes people forget about it more easily. Sometimes having anniversary reassures you. Deformation, cancer, heart attack will start in from summer or next year. Japanese will need help them. not now.


Settlement report 3/10/2012

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