One year and when you are thought to be assailant


I don’t like one year anniversary. Nothing’s ended. We only confirmed that nothing has been improved since 311.
The public execution has begun in Fukushima, like in Minamisoma. As I hear from people actually working there or living there, I find the situation really desperate. Nothing can be done.
Now it’s only in Fukushima but it will be in Chiba, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and everywhere.
but even when I talk to my family, it can’t be a conversation. I’m just get out get out get out. and they are like, it’s cold, or it’s sunny, or it’s snowing or just on about meaningless things. Once I talk about their business, it wil start a fight. I guess the situation is too serious for them to accept.

Medical record of human deformation or still birth is being collected but I’m not allowed to publish it. They are trying to make proper statistics before publishing it. I can understand it, but that’s different from my atitude.
Fukushima diary is to warm people to evacuate. so it must be fast. must be before it goes on major media. That’s what I needed just after 311, that’s why I’m doing it now. Should I evacuate or not, that’s what I wanted to know. so the balance is difficult. I try to keep it not over the top.
but the conclusion is, everyone must evacuate.
The reality in Fukushima, and the future of Japan is overwhelming. Even I can’t take it seriously though my head is understanding it. No home, no country, nothing. I still can’t understand what I’m doing. I think I’m going to take 30 or 40 years to understand it really.

Now Japanese people are confused. They are finally understanding the risk of the SFP of reactor 4, and the risk of spreading the radioactive debris. The minister of economy, Edano’s father is the boss of the factory waste industry of north kanto area. so simple to understand.
It’s not anniversary or anything. It’s just begun. It will end one day. but we won’t see it ending.
I want to tell people who make their own children have contaminated food and air from their own sloth. One day, you will be thought to be assailant by your own children, just like Tepco or Japanese government.

I didn’t want to do anything special for one year anniversary. I’m afraid that makes people forget about it more easily. Sometimes having anniversary reassures you. Deformation, cancer, heart attack will start in from summer or next year. Japanese will need help them. not now.


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  1. If you can eliminate the Paypal requirement I will donate regularly. I do not have a Paypal account.
    Thank you for running this very important site.

  2. You are absolutely right! More than a million people died from Chernoyble. Fukushima is much worse. It’s a complete meltdown of three nuclear reactors, burning uncontained into the earth and the sea, a painful sore on the planet which may never recover from it.

    Get out, get out, get out. That is right. If people wait too long, they will become too radioactive and nobody will take them. All of Japan will endure this blight. It will not go away for thousands of years.

    Are we crazy? What does humanity think it’s doing? If Fukushima is not in the news, that the problem is gone? Why did we ever gamble with our lives like this? With our planet? With our home?

    I am presently in Cherating, Malaysia, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I just learned that there is a radioactive waste recycling plant in nearby Kuantan. I have been utterly dismayed. Apparently the local people don’t know much about it. There is no resistance. What more madness will they think of to make money?

  3. I watched a documentary that the BBC made called “Japans Children Of The Tsunami”. Although it looked at the children who lost their friends to the Tsunami, it also looked at the children who had been living in the exclusion zone and are now living in Minamisoma.

    I cannot understand why the Japanese Government will not say that they ‘cannot’ return to their homes.

    What happened at the end of the Second World War should be proof enough that radiation is a ‘long term’ and ‘slow’ killer and that it does not just go away.

  4. if i was there i would give you a big bear hug it is easier for people to disassotiate and stay in the comfort of their home , its like the way a horse runs into a burning barn they feel security there ,its the reason a batterd wife child or pet returns home its their happy place safe from fear of the outside unknown and place of love long known , you are just stronger mentally to face reality and you are ment to survive be strong my friend an save as many as you can . some people are ment to tell the story and that is you i guess .people will never be able to forget this tradgity or be able to clean this up it will be a scar on the planet let it mark the place of all the beautiful wonderful people of japan their beliefs and let us believe that it full of love . you and your turtles my casa is su casa

  5. Good Luck, Mr. M!
    Thinking of you!! 🙂
    Stay keen, true & good to all,
    so that all doors will keep
    opening to you!~

  6. I understand your sentiments. It cannot be commemorated properly since it is ongoing.
    Yet, you and many others did survive the intial tragedies.
    That is something to be grateful for and can be remembered on this anniversary.
    My daughter was there in Chiba and was pressured to stay on despite the dangers. Many foolish people believe the lie.
    Japan is still your country. Eventually, the damage will be dealt with. For that I am confident. Meanwhile, I know many of us hold you and your countrymen in our thoughts and prayers. Try to not give in to despair. Hope for the future is something you can control.

  7. 日本政府と東京電力では裏切り者は、意図的に、日本の人々を殺している!

    i apologize for the google translation –

    カバーアップ、嘘と殺人 – 原子力産業と福島
    “さて、世界中、今、人々と政府の間に板ガラスの障壁のようなものがあるように思われる。政府は、一つのことを行い、人々は暗闇の中で保持されます。どこにも人々は今まで犠牲にされている日本に比べてこのより明白ではない “原子力の神。”それを置くことのない他の方法は本当にありません。 “
    東京の街の収入は、これらの5年間に減少している。昨日、三菱商事、三井物産株式会社、三菱東京UFJ銀行、株式会社、株式会社三井住友銀行とパナソニックの銀行は (←注:これは間違っているパナソニックの本社は初めから大阪にあります。) 公開され、それら東京から大阪への本社を移動しようとしている。それはより多くの収入を損傷する可能性があります。あなたの意見はどうですか?
    群馬大学教授早川: “あなたが今、速い自分自身を教育しない場合、あなたは死ぬ。”
    ··· 東京は、チェルノブイリで最悪の場所として汚染されている
    2011年6月30日に、彼は水元公園0.25 microSv / hを測定した。

  8. “On August 6, 1992, almost a year after the Chinese nuclear report, Prof. Yull Brown made a special demonstration to a team of 5 San Francisco field office observers from the United States Department of Energy, at the request of the Hon. Berkeley Bedell. Cobalt 60 was treated and resulted in a drop of Geiger readings from 1,000 counts to 40 — resulting in radioactive waste residue of about 0.04 of the original level. Apprehensive that somehow the radioactivity might have been dispersed into the ambient environment, the official requested the California Department of Health Services to inspect the premises. The health services crew found no radioactivity in the air resulting from this demonstration nor from another repeat demonstration held for their benefit.”


  9. The FACT, that there is a chemical process which can take the radioactivity out of even extremely radioactive substances, increases the probability of there existing within creation, a microbe or other organism, with the same type of biochemical pathway.

    Just as there are microbes which perform hydrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and water, within their cell bodies, so there could be a microbe which can, as in the Brown’s Gas chemical process, ‘take the radioactivity out of’ radioactive contaminants within soil, sediments, surface water, and ground water.

  10. I know there have to be engineers in Japan who can build almost anything.

    Can they not build radiation resistant robots to drill to corium and flamethrow it with Brown’s Gas until it is hardly radioactive and only an elementally poisonous?

  11. And hey, if one’s not enough before it malfunctions from radiation damage, would 500 be enough?

  12. I thank you for your hard work. Telling the truth is not easy or poular but it must be done. You are a hero. Thank You!

  13. So… I pray that you all be guided and cured. Based on what you know, would it be safe to visit Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto this summer (July 2012). Would you advise against it?

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