Rapid increase of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is caused by virus called EV70 and CA24v.

However, doctors don’t analyze the virus from the sample to diagnose. It’s from the judgement of the doctor and if 2 of those 3 can apply to your symptom it’s diagnosed to be acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis.

1. Acute follicular conjunctivitis

2. Eyelid swelling

3. Hyposphagma

and this year, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis cases spiked up compared to the past 10 years.

(X -axis = week)

The peaks are

22th week: 5/30 ~ 6/5/2011 (About 2 months after 311)

43th week: 10/24 ~ 10/30 (About 2 months after the major Iodine leakage of August)

Though doctors diagnose it to be acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, they don’t analyze the virus directly, so it can be a radiation symptom.

Actually, Japan ophthalmological society posted a warning about irradiation on the eyes on their website – “Eyes are very sensitive for radiation, please keep your eyes cleaned by washing with physiological saline or tapwater. Make sure not to let the contaminated water flow into your nostrils.”



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