Hosono Goshi “Decontamination is Fukushima’s hope.”

Hosono Goshi "Decontamination is Fukushima's hope."

Following up this article..Another man died in decontamination in Fukushima
Minister of environment, Hosono Goshi gave a speech, “Decontamination is the hope for Fukushima. We are feeling the responsibility.” at the opening ceremony of Fukushima environmental reconstruction office on 1/21/2012.
It was opened on 1/4/2012, 70 members of staff are to stay. By April, they are going to increase up to
200 members. They are to support the local decontamination and manage the government’s decontamination project.


環境相「除染は福島の希望」 再生事務所開所式




2012/01/21 12:04 【共同通信】

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