Fukushima farmer thinks they can recover the land

An American documentary movie director Ed M. Koziarski made an interview with a Fukushima farmer.

By this video, it turned out.

1. He thinks they can recover the land.

2. He thinks nuclear accident is the same kind of damage as WWW1 or 2.

3. He has no knowledge about internal exposure or positively ignores it.

4. He doesn’t check Fukushima Diary.


He talks very passionately. It looks difficult to educate this kind of people.

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  1. remember the quote

    “It’s hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding.”
    – Upton Sinclair

  2. It’s particularly hard to watch those driven to suicide so as to save the face of an unknown person,very hard indeed.

    Probably too hard.

    Since there has been no real attempt to assist the people living in the radioactive fallout zone and Japan is a free society that has widespread fanchise we can only see that the Japanese want their own people to die in a horrible manner.

    For me that is a terrible loss of face and calls into question the right of the Japanese to govern themseles as they kill their own people in a genocidal manner.

    I ask you,what kind of vile dictators poison their own people?

  3. I think this farmer is very admirable, brave and committed
    to his ideals. And there is a legitimate basis for his belief
    that you can reclaim lands from nuclear fallout through
    various complex methods.

    The truth is that the Ukraine was a major agricultural
    heartland much like Fukushima. And with years of
    hard work and lots of scientific principles, they HAVE
    reclaimed some 80% of the Ukrainian farmlands post-
    Chernobyl for food production! It CAN be done, it has
    been done, although perhaps on a smaller scale, since
    Fuku. continues to brew without containment or stability….

    There are ways to clean soil and plant organisms
    like mushrooms that concentrate radioactivity and
    suck it out of the soil… However, it would be fitting
    for Japan to secure the plants before anyone expects
    to grow marketable food in their vicinity.

  4. The bottom line is that Japanese farmers need to give Ukrainian farmers a call…and how!! Ukrainian farmers, dairies, and livestock producers learned a lot –Japan needs to listen up!!!….

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