Cesium increased by 3 times as much as usual at intake of reactor 3

1/5/2012, Tepco measured 3 times more Cesium as usual at the intake of reactor 3.

  • Cs-134: 0.76 Bq/cc (ml) or 760 Bq/liter or 2,880 Bq/gal (13 times higher than the legal limit)
  • Cs-137: 0.96 Bq/cc (ml) or 960 Bq/liter or 3,638 Bq/gal (11 times higher than the legal limit)

There was no change at the intake of reactor 2 but it’s still over the legal limit.

  • Cs-134: 0.12 Bq/cc (ml) or 120 Bq/liter or 454.8 Bq/gal (double as much as the legal limit)
  • Cs-137: 0.15 Bq/cc (ml) or 150 Bq/liter or 568.5 Bq/gal (1.7 times higher than the legal limit)


3号機取水口 濃度3倍以上に
1月6日 19時14分

  1. i guess water solution was probably the culprit in the increase of surface deposition in fukushima and tokyo… something to keep our eye on, but the fact that there was no iodine present is confusing since it vaporizes at room temp and Cs has to be 300 degrees.

    to keep it in perspective:
    432MBq/km^2 for the week of dec 28-jan5 where the month of march saw 6,440,000 MBq/km^2. something to keep our eye on since this of course could rapidly get worse but not time for immediate panic.

    thank you for keeping up the good work Mochizuki. you have continued through all the slings and arrows and have performed a noble task for all of us!
    i didin’t tell you happy new year yet. i hope you and the turtles have an easier 2012 than was 2011.

  2. We heard that TEPCO says it cannot assess damage to its plants until they cool down enough to allow workers to get close to the areas of destuction. Apparently as of today, work is still going on. I would appreciate having some direct contact with anyone who can explain the confusion of radiation levels at the sites and at sites all across the land and ocean below our common Jet Stream, and within the “Japan Current” and it’s sisters in th Pacific Ocean. I speak on Local “Free Radio” on 101.1 FM, Santa Cruise, California, and have been giving my own version of the Nuclear Crisis since March 2011. Hear my Podcast titled “May it go Viral” which talks about the disaster awaiting all of us and the need for global action to solve the radiation problems. My opinions have not changed because the latest news seems to verify all the worries I expressed almost two years ago. I said then that “The big Double ‘E'”, my name for Extinction Event (for the entire species homo sapiens sapiens, and most others)could now be in progress. My friend, Jim Ostrowski, who also speaks on Free Radio has recently told that my “prediction” of human extinction may be accurate. Jim designs and makes Radiation Detection and Measurement Devices and is very disheartened by his latest observations and calculations. We must network with all the truly competent scientists and technicians who are not working for any Goverments or Corporations which we know are keeping the facts from us and are making a defense against their actions, or inaction, impossible. Please contact me, and Jim at and we will add to the body of knowledge that could direct positive action.
    His e-mail

  3. I don’t know how this works… it seems that I am commenting on my own commentary right now. But thanks to all who are and will work on this literally Earth-Shattering problem. Here is my new poem that I now see as an EPITAPH for the Human Race:
    All Is Said And Done

    Now that I’m sure of how and when
    Our Earth is coming to an END
    How do we understand the news
    Which obviates all other views
    Gleaned from lifetimes of deceit
    Extolling murderous conceit
    Disguised as virtuous paradigm
    To guide our Evolution’s climb
    Through vaunted Halls of Academe
    Where haunted calls pursue a dream
    Defined, refined by argument
    And Imprimatur, Heaven-sent
    Entertained, distracted by our minds
    Eschewing fruits to eat their rinds
    Brain excreta to excite
    Escapist thought and easy flight
    Disdaining boring Spaceship Earth
    As having lesser real worth
    And so our Mother waits for love
    That never comes, push comes to shove
    We’ve made of her a gas chamber
    Now nothing left but to blame HER
    For nurturing such fools as we
    Who celebrate Mortality………..##
    [-Tony Kuspa, Freeland, Michigan, January 10, 2012]

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