Breaking News: 0.76 microSv/h from Seaweed from Korean east coast

2012 Jan 2nd, South Korea, Seaweed radioactivity test (part 1) from joytek on Vimeo.

On 1/2/2012, they measured 0.76 microSv/h from seaweed, which is from the east coast of Korea.(Unopened)

The background was 0.227 microSv/h. It picked up around by 0.53 microSv/h immediate on the package.

This suggests the sea contamination has spread to not only Pacific ocean but also the Korean / Japanese sea.

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  1. It could also be possible that some contaminated seaweed from Japan was exported to Korea for processing. Didn’t that happen before with seafood, and the seafood ended up being re-exported back to Japan?

  2. Pretty awful. I’m glad I have a bunch of seaweed stored up in my place from years ago from NOT eating it…a bit lame to munch on stale seaweed, but better than “hot” seaweed.

    Have any of you ordered KI tablets before? I got mine in 2010…prices went up after. Now when people aren’t crazily buying, would be a good time to stock up… (no connection to company)

  3. Once I finished the stock of seaweed (Konbu, Wakame), no more seaweed for me. Unless I can find pre-Fukushima products in the corner of the stores, covered with dust. 🙁

  4. Maybe it comes from K40 which is natural source of radiation. It can be safely regarded as not-from-Fukushima. Kelp naturally has much of K40 (isotope of potasium). And it is safe. Usually more or less than 2,000~3,000bq/kg of K40 is measured in Kelp. Even Mediacl text books concerned of radiology reads so.

    If want to be more clear, more analysis is needed to check it comes from K40 or others such as Cs137, or something else.

    At the same time it is also possible that Kelp is contaminated.

    1. You are right Jeon, He need to use Wipe test plate. K40 Beta counted about x 2~3 of background. He needs to use CPM timer mode. Try 10 minutes test Mr. Mochizuki.

  5. Don’t seaweed naturally contain iodine anyway?
    I wonder if the geiger counters can distinguish between naturally occuring and manmade(from nuke reactors) iodine.
    Although nobody can’t rule out the sea contamination by the radioactive materials released from Fukushima, seaweed is kind of hard to tell.

  6. ACRO france, have tested soil samples from korea.. they would love to get a hold of that unopened package… or even opened!!

    1. hi Mochizuki

      just popped over from enenews to enquire if you were in contact with this video poster.. he doesnt respond to comments here nor at enenews.. and ive posted a fair bit… i am getting a bit suspicious as he hasnt responded anbout sending the sample to ACRO france for testing…?? bit odd that!! he hasnt even replied when people thank him for posting!! although he sounds a fairly polite chap!! so whats with that!! 2 days to respond.. nothing.. busy buying seaweed perhaps 🙂 ??

  7. It is possible that this activity comes from nuclear activities (civil or military) of South or North Korea, Russia also.

  8. Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks come from Korean waters— haven’t bought them for months!

    1. hi lee
      ACRO france tested a few soil samples from south korea and only one tested positive for c137.. small amount apparently

      go to green action japan site for details

  9. I purchased some Hidaka Hokkaido kombu from a local japanese food store in San Francisco bay area.

    Using a handheld geiger counter is reads about 0.40usv/hr compared to 0.11 usv/hr background.

    I have some pictures/video showing the readings I could post of there was a place to put them.

    I am suspicious as to if the activity is from cesium or could be from the potassium as mentioned in this thread.

    I am trying to calibrate my pocket scanner to bq/kg as food is measured. For example if I had some food that was 500 bq/kg would this show up using my hand held scanner and what would the corresponding usv/hr reading that would be typical.

    I dont know if there are any places I could send the samples to for further analysis.

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