White crow in Iwate

White crow in Iwate


9/27/2011, they found a crow with white feathers in Miyako Iwate.

Experts say it’s not an usual albino and don’t know “what caused it”.


白い羽のカラス 宮古・閉伊川河川敷 2011.9.27

  1. More on Radiation and Bird Albinism in Chernobyl and what it may mean for humans…

    Chernobyl Birds’ Defects Link Radiation, Not Stress, to Human Ailments
    ” The team’s results, published online today in the journal Biology Letters, show that abnormalities are much higher in birds from the Chernobyl population. For example, more than 13 percent of the Chernobyl birds had partial albinism—tufts of white feathers—compared to levels of around 4 percent in the control birds.
    “Abnormal features [like albinism] are extremely rare in nature,” Møller said.
    Recapturing the same birds year after year showed that birds with abnormalities were four times less likely to survive and that breeding success was reduced by over 50 percent.
    The findings support the team’s theory that even the low levels of radiation around Chernobyl are enough to cause the higher than average rates of abnormalities and birth defects reported in humans living in the region.
    “Based on the bird data, we think there is likely to be a plethora of human ailments associated with the Chernobyl radiation,”
    Keith Baverstock, an environmental scientist at the University of Kuopio in Finland and co-author of a 2001 United Nations report on human health around Chernobyl, agrees that the results of the bird study are worrying.
    “It confirms that even relatively low levels of exposure to radioactive fallout can result in genetic effects,” he said.
    If Møller and colleagues are right, then millions of people living in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia are still at risk.
    “With proposals to increase the use of nuclear energy,” Baverstock said, “this is a matter that needs urgent attention.”

    Colorless in a World of Color
    New research provides rare insight into the often-difficult lives of albino animals
    08-01-2000 // Peter Friederici
    “Occasionally, researchers have pinpointed particular causes for such color aberrations. Ornithologists have documented, for example, scattered cases in which birds grew white feathers following a sudden shock or injury, or as a result of old age. In the Ukraine, where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986 caused large-scale radioactive contamination, barn swallows subsequently showed a much higher rate of partial albinism than other, uncontaminated populations. The rate of partial albinism among swallows near Chernobyl jumped from 0 percent before 1986 to 15 percent in 1991.”
    “Wherever they range, albinos do face a lot of obstacles to survival. Many albino birds, for instance, have brittle feathers that may be worn away more quickly than usual. Lacking a full complement of eye pigments, true albinos often have poor eyesight and are unusually sensitive to sunlight. What´s more, in many social species, odd-looking individuals are not accepted by their peers.”

    1. That’s interesting and noteworthy! Japan definitely needs to refer to the precedents of Chernobyl more often now! I have no idea why so many people can’t draw the clear parallel to Fukushima.

  2. Did you know that if you are kind and respectfull, leave them som food, if you have. Bread and dinner residues, they love it.
    Talk and treat them as freind and good nabos, they can suprise you. If tyour cat or other pets are gone missing, and if ou ask politly, they may find them, and lead them home or tell your pets to go home.
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    Magnificent creatures, crows.

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