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A woman in Minamisoma shi Fukushima has been blogging about what is happening around her and herself since August.

She used to work for a high school but she quit it and now opening her private tutoring school because she couldn’t take telling lies.

She started her blog on 8/6/2011.

Because the content was too shocking most of the readers did not take her seriously.
However, reading the articles about the details of charity stuff and etc..Japanese readers are starting to think this is authentic.

From the post of 12/17/2011


Yesterday was terrible.

立っていても、座っていても 「 めまい 」 が します。

Feel dizzy whether I stand up or sit down.

今日も、同じですが ・・・

It’s the same today too.

お風呂で、シャンプーした 後、
手ぐしで、髪を ほぐしたら、

I touched my hair after shower last night.

髪が ・・・
「 束 に なって 」 抜けました。

A batch of my hair fell off.

呆然と 立ち尽くしてしまいました。

I was standing but I was at a loss.

長かった 髪は、 2週間 ほど 前に、
ばっさり 切りました。

I used to have long hair but had it cut short, 2 weeks ago.

少しでも、抜け毛を 減らしたくて ・・・

wanted to reduce hair to lose as much as possible.

外出する 時には、
ウイッグ ( 長髪の カツラ ) を 着けています。

Now I wear a wig when I go out.

「 前髪 」 も、
「 生えぎわ 」 が、くっきりと 見えます。

I have least front hair now.
The hairline has become very clear.

あんなに 「 たくさんあった 髪 」 が、

たった 9ヶ月で、
こんなに、無くなってしまうとは ・・・

I used to have a lot of hair but lost so much for these 9 months.


After having bath,

足に 違和感を 感じて、
「 爪」 を 見ると ・・・

felt something strange on my feet.

ほとんどの 足の 「 爪 」 が、
デコボコに 欠けていました。

Most of the nails of my feel got cracked.

爪切りで、切りそろえよう とした 瞬間、
自分の目を 疑いました。

I couldn’t trust my eyes when I tried to cut the nails.

両足の 「 人差し指 の 爪 」 が、
2つ とも ・・・

根元から、そっくり 外れかかって いて ・・・

The nails of the “point fingers” of feet were almost dropping off, they slipped off when I touched them.

絆創膏 で、わずかに くっついている 爪を、

Now the left nails are covered by the Band-Aid.

歯科医院に 行きました。

Today, I went to a dental clinic.

あんなに 元気だった 受付の方が、
「 疲れ切った 表情 」 を していました。

The receptionist looked so energetic last year but she looked exhausted this time.

「 声 」 も、
やっと 出しているような感じで、
痛々しかった ・・・

She looked like it was so hard for her only to speak something.

「 子どもたち 」 にも、
元気が ありません。

Children look exhausted too.

はしゃがなく なりました。

They are not cheerful anymore.

「 冷温停止 【 状態 】 」 と、発表しましたが、

JP Gov declared “cold shutdown ish situation”,but

そんな 「 言葉 」 は、ありません。

There is no such a definition.

「 冷温停止 」 か 「 否 」 か ・・・ なのです。

It’s only cold shut down or not. No “ish”.

文系の 狡猾な 【 詭弁 】 です。

Typical sophistry.


猶予されていた 「 住民税 」 ・ 「 車税 」 などが、
一気に 請求され始めました。

Inhabitant tax or the automobile tax have been respited, but they are starting to invoice them at once.

「 猶予 」 など、
初めから しなければ、
こんなに、【 多額の 税金 】 を
数ヶ月にわたって 支払う 「 必要 」 は、なかったのです。

何の問題も ありませんでした。

「 後から、請求される 」 状態 に 陥っています。

生活だけでも、 やっとの 世帯 が、
月に 【 5 万円 以上 もの 税金 】 を、支払っていけますか ?

日本政府 の やり方は、
すべてが、メチャクチャ です。

そもそも、【 支払い 猶予 期間 】 と言っても、
いつかは、【 支払い義務 】 が、発生するのです。

「 雪だるま式 」 に 膨らませて、どーするんですか ?

They were respited, but one day ,we have to pay them all.
How could we pay the tax of more than 50000 JPY a month ?
We are trying to live to hard everyday.

南相馬市 民 は、
これから、いったい、どうすれば ・・・

I don’t know what we, Minamisoma citizens should do from now.

「 土地評価額 」 まで
果てしなく 【 ゼロ 】 に、近づいて ・・・

The value of our real estate is almost ZERO now.

わたくしたちの 将来設計 は、
【 泡 】 と 化しました。

Our future got blown off immediately.

– End –

entry of 12/19/2011

2年前まで、教育公務員 でした。

I was a teacher until 2 years ago.

退職して、塾を やっています。

I quit it and now I’m running my own private school.

「 公の 機関 」 が、どんなに 恐ろしいものか ・・・

so I really know how cruel “public institution” is.

【 守秘義務 】 は、退職してからも 続きます。

I still have to follow the confidentiality obligation.

法律に 触れない程度に、

さざまな 「 暗闇 」 を、

However, as far as I don’t go illegally, I’m trying to confess the facts one after one.

「 公務 に 情 は、挟まない 」 と、いうことです。

One thing sure is, we are not allowed to ignore the rule for emotional reasons.

それが、嫌で、高校を 退職しました。

That’s why I quit being a high school teacher.

「 人間 」 を、なんだと思っているのか ・・・

They don’t treat people as human.


Totally speechless.

自分たち ( 公務員 ) の 「 私情 」 が、優先される場合が、多いのです。

Our “benefit” often has higher priority.


わたくしと 同じような 「 だるさ 」 を 訴える 方々が、います。

Even out of Fukushima, there are people suffering from fatigue.

症状 が、始まったのも、
同じ 【 11月 】 からです。

Some of them started having it since November, just like I did.

フクシマ だけが、危険なのでは 決して ありません。

It’s not only Fukushima to be endangered.


半径 300 ㎞ 圏内 は、

I’m really concerned about the 300km area.

【 体調 の 変化 】 に、敏感になってください。

Please pay attention to your health condition.

【 11月 】 ごろから です。

Especially, the change after november.

– end –

  1. Dear Mochizuki -san

    i am pretty shocked about what you are telling here and i feel for you .

    It’s so annoying how they treat you people over there – typical government : only worrying about their money and not its people.

    I wish i could help Japan more for i appreciate the people a lot over there and it makes me sad how you – they – suffer .

    You are a brave woman – maybe people begin to fight for their rights – i know Japanese people dont like confusion or causing trouble but its about your life and future !

    Aisatu kara Doitsu


  2. This is very sad, she needs to get out of Japan Now if she wants any chance at all for living…

    It may already be too late for her.

  3. I did some original material. It is pretty good, took about an hour, but I know most of the stuff off the top of my head.

    Exposing one of the “Big Lies”

    THE LIE: “A Little Radiation in Your Food Won’t Hurt”

    The reality of analysis, a 3 page PDF, simple enough to follow, read it.
    It’s the first link near the top of the Page

  4. I am praying for all of you in Japan to immediately awaken! I command you to WAKE UP now! Snap out of it and decide to now take critical action for your own personal survival. You are to vacate the country, with your remaining strength. Abandon the land. Look inside of your mind for the truth regarding the eventual outcome of this calamity. Assess the situation, and if it is not too late, and you wish to live….SPLIT NOW.

  5. Dear Fellow Teacher
    (Over the years I have helped many Japanese students learn English.)My heart aches for the people of Japan. I have friends there. Some are Christians. They cope, because they have a future and a hope in Jesus Christ. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. He is Salvation. He is Mercy. He is Grace. He is Faithful.
    Immanuel, God with us.
    Get a Bible. Read the Book of John. You will find solace. You will find peace in your heart, even as your body and mind cry for survival; and meaning!
    He calls out, “Here, I Am! Here I AM!”

    In His Service,

  6. I am so sorry for your troubles. I’ve been watching this degredation since 311, your people are dying- and the situation is not reversible. I think if I was in the 300KM area for all this time, I would eat drink and be merry….I am just speechless for what has happened in Japan. Just think when all your stuff washes up on US shores…its all so overwhelming…I am so sorry. You have to make the best of it. <3

  7. Technocratic Autocracy Through Democratic Dictatorship Practicing Open Eugenics On The Entire Population Of Japan; Much Less The Entire World.

    This Is the Result Of The Godless Scourge Of Dialectical Materialism And Atheistic Agnostic Silence In The Face Of Pure Evil And The Insatiable Avarice Of Power And Greed.

    They Will Kill Us All – Every Beating Heart Alive On This Planet Until There Is Nothing.

    They Will Never Stop …

    Every Person In Japan Must Die For Their Pleasure.

    The Greatest Sin Is Silence In The Face Of Evil – What Is Your Excuse For Not Taking Action?

  8. Dearest Mochizuki-san!

    Japan is in WW3. WW3 is commited through the governments of the Nations – hidden administrative Genocide!

    You and You Nation can use the value compas instrumemnt to get rid of the colonising infiltrators. U have all the rights listed in the 14 rays!

    All my Love, Ditta ( the author of the Sun Model of the Balts)

  9. I was living at the ocean front in Los Angeles and outside all the time when 3/11 happened. Someone put a ticket on my car at 3:11am two days earlier. It was muddy and belonged to someone else. I could tell the mud on the ticket and the time of 3:11 was sent by higher powers to tell me there was dirty business on that day of 3/11. In the past month I got a nose bleed, for about a month. I took iodine for thyroid protection and it did not protect the nasal damage. I am 54 years old and never had a nosebleed in my life. I guess it is from the radiation. It was highest in the US in Boise, Idaho where I am now since July, 2011. This radiation is in the US, and I guess the people in Japan are so sick and dying that they can’t tell the world because they are expected to be in school and at work….and pretending like it’s not happening. People in the US may think the radiation is far far away and it is not. It is just slower to get here.

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