Alpinist Noguchi Ken’s suffering from fatigue – a sense of choking

Japanese alpinist Noguchi ken, who visited the 20km area and took pictures of cows abandoned in the area, is tweeting to tell he is suffering from the constant fatigue and the sense of choking.

kennoguchi0821 野口健

What happened to my body..? Endless fatigue, choking, dizziness and breath shortness. Had my thyroid tested because of the shortage of neutral fat from the blood test. However, the reason is not cleared yet. I’m going to have to have the re-re-test.
I’m ready to know the possibile severe result because this fatigue is really bad. I just want to figure out what causes it.

kennoguchi0821 野口健

Because I’m an alpinist, I quickly prepare myself for possible hard situation but it’s really irritating not being able to know what is causing this. I feel dizzy even while I’m giving a lecture and it’s becoming worse and worse. If you have a similar symptom and know something, please let me know. Please.

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