What’s actually happening to Fukushima people

Following up the article  http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/the-most-important-blog-in-the-world/

The woman (41) living in Minami soma updated the picture of her mouth.

Self-proclaimed doctor in Minami soma left a comment saying “There is no one sick in Minami soma.”

This is her response.

She says she had all her bad teeth treated just before 311 and that there was no problem with her teeth nor gums.

Now the top 2 teeth are ceramic and the other white teeth are ceramic too.

Other teeth are being treated but her teeth are going bad faster than the medical care can deal with.

The picture below is her head – showing how she is losing her hair.






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10 Responses to “What’s actually happening to Fukushima people”

  1. amy rigg says:

    no bueno – i wish i could fix things – but this is how it’s supposed to work out – do you know how i know that ?? because this is what happened –
    in the end, despite madness, death, despair, we will be okay.
    with love

  2. mikael says:

    The sole range of Isotops are frightening and sould not be underestemated.
    Every god damed sickness is involved, and as a “cell treatment” in a canser case, the Isotops attac Cells that are reprodusing fast, like Hair and gives also other symptoms.

    Christ, this is getting ugly, and for survival sake, those peoples sould be transported out of Japan(or relocated to a “soft spott”, or they as for now are been slovly killed by radiation.
    Remember the spring, when the insident was “fresh”, and now 8 months later this is whats is manifesting it self in Japan.
    What are they going to do.

    I would have been furious, and taken a last stand and marshed against the Goverment and TEPCO. The people of Japan have to realise that this is a fight for your life, for your Childrens life, for a future, if any at all, for Japan.
    They are the chriminals and should be in Jail, for chrimes against humanity and the people of Japan.

    Rise and Fight.

    And above all, reduce the amount of radiation, if not atleats move to a different location in Japan.
    Thats the only way out, to stay is risking sever damages to your health.

    Its painfull to watch, the treason and chrimes commited against the people of Japan, created a neverending Nightmare.


    Secret Gardens, Adagio
    Take care.

    • Steve Matthews says:

      I Wish the International effort would be used to evacuate the people from the district all together not just 20/40Km’s it’s ridiculous and nothing short of GENOCIDE to actually make the decision to leave people there. Stop this utter madness now. Where are all the Nations standing up for Human Rights?. Where is the W.H.O telling the Japanese Government to move the people away?. How can the rest of the World sit back and allow this too happen?. In history we have learned of mass killings and those responsible have been hunted down and punished, What’s the difference here?. All the government officials & Tepco Officials that say it’s safe should be made to go there and help with the clean up if it’s so safe.I am disgusted and deeply shaken at the way the Japanese people are being treated.

    • laurie steele says:

      i feel the exact way.

  3. pat b says:

    All this has happened before.
    All this will happen again.

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