Nuclear or increase of the price


12/22/2011 ,Tepco announced they are planning to raise the price of electricity.
They had a “surprise” press conference in AM of 12/22/2011 ,only corrupted newspaper companies ,such as Nikkei ,Jiji ,or Asahi were informed in advance to exclude freelance journalists.
They attended at the conference to give Tepco supportive questions.
It’s not decided how much they will raise or when they will raise the price.

Tepco is given a “unique” way of accounting.
They are not going to change the unfair system of accounting ,but they estimated fuel cost will increase by 800,000,000,000 JPY because they have to depend on steam-power generation instead of nuclear so they need to raise the price.

Raised electricity price is supposed to cover

Welfare program
Club activity
Entertaining expense
Incentive for the employees to buy the company stock themselves
Interest of employees’ savings scheme (8.5%)

Nishizawa ,the president of Tepco talks ,Tepco is given the right to raise the price.

They are taking advantage of the fact that the electricity industry is dominated ,so citizens and companies must depend on Tepco.


東電値上げ要請 上乗せ「総原価」手つかず

2011年12月23日 朝刊

東京電力が二十二日、家庭向け電気料金の値上げを申請する方針を発表した。だが、電気料金の基準となる「総原価」に東電関係者の接待用施設の維持管理費まで含まれることが判明しており、利用者の反発が強まるのは必至。政府内では「東電が値上げの申請に踏み切れない可能性もある」との声も出ている。 (東条仁史、宮本隆彦)

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  2. Thats the Lie of this Century.
    We dont need Nuckslear power, thats just pure bullshitt.

    The fact is, that because of the New Age religion CAGW is ruling the political prosesses and that People of Japan has nothing to do with Energy suply.
    They managed to fool the world toobelive Nuck is the future, wel Fukushima is the proff of that, we just need ONE acsident.
    And we gott it.

    There is a lott of drivel about others and coal, of course coal has it downsides as Local polution, but that something that can be dealt with, cheep and easy compared to the Nucklear insanity.
    The energy suply can be dealt with, just remove the Nucklear sites form the face of this Earth.

    They are shameless and evil.
    Without moral.
    Without integrety.
    Without credibility.
    Without responcebility.
    Without regulation.

    They are the worst kind of begins on this planet, like all other insane dictatorial states, they can kill and maim a people without any resistance and political covardness and greed, and thats what we have been witnesing.
    A chrime against Humanit and all living creatures on this planet.

    Look at them, thats how Pure evil and greed looks like.

    Rise and fight.

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