Alpinist Noguchi cancelled climbing up Himalayas

Following up this article

Corrupted alpinist Nogushi ken became sick and sent to the hospital just before this climbing up Himalayas.



Vomited and had severe stomachache on the way to the airport. sent to the hospital.
It’s regrettable because we have finished preparing to climb up Himalayas and we were just about to go.
They say it was because bowel stopped working completely. Doctor said ,I can not climb up the mountain in this condition. will try to focus on resting.


*お知らせ*昨日、ネパール遠征を予定していた野口健ですが、体調不良により、大事をとり今回の遠征を急遽キャンセルと致しました。なお本人の体調は回復に向かっておりますのでご安心ください。 by野口健事務所


*Notice* Noguchi ken was planning to go to Nepal yesterday ,but because of the physical condition ,he cancelled it for this time.
He is becoming better ,be reassured. by Office Noguchi Ken.


kennoguchi0821 野口健


can’t eat anything for a while. This is my dinner.

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