Nails are falling off of Tokyo citizens

A lot of the low dose symptoms are reported around in Tokyo.

Because there are too many ,I can not introduce all here.
I only post the ones with pictures.

■3歳 男 町田市在住

3 years old boy. Machida Tokyo
have nosebleed often. had fever in July and September for unknown reason. had a blood test but there was nothing wrong.
In October ,2 of the finger nails fell off. A couple of other ones fell off later with no pain as well.
Since 311 ,been trying to drink only water imported from Hawaii. wash vegetables and rice with bottled water too. eat only vegetables from western Japan. have not had fish ,meat ,eggs ,nor milk out at only considerate restaurants.

■20歳代 女 多摩市在住 福島でボランティア活動


Female in 20s. Tama Tokyo.
worked as a volunteer in Namie and Idate Fukushima for one day. After that , a nail fell of without a pain.

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