Another stupid Japanese is happy with mutated potato

Following up this article

In Tsukuba ,Ibaraki ,another gigantic sweet potato was found in the farm of Mr.Suzuki Seiji.

It weighs about 6.5 kg,bigger than human face. It grew in June ,they picked it up in late November.

Mr.Suzuki does not know the problem about it ,saying “It’s too valuable to eat. will ornament it.”





  1. not stupid Japanese… just stupid people.

    Stupidity is a global phenonoma Mochizuki san. People would act mostly the same if the meltdown happened in another country.

    Future generations will look back and think how stupid we were and hate us for having to live with elevated background radiation, but at least they’ll know the importance of not polluting the Earth.

    We live and learn 🙂

    1. Your statement, “We live and learn,” doesn’t reflect reality. We’ve lived on earth many generations, and people haven’t yet learned how to live in cooperation with earth. Future generations will undoubtedly deal with it in the same way.

      Earth and Nature hold the real intelligence, and they deal with “people” in the only way they know how, i.e., when they get too bothersome, clear the earth of them and start over, as has been done through the millennia.

      Since banksters, secret (but open) cabals, judges, lawyers, and bought politicians rule the earth in their own ways, we’ll never be rid of the stupid blunderings of people. Those who have some helpful ideas and suggestions never are allowed to be heard, so there’s no stopping humanity’s steady march to doom.

      Those of you hoping to step forward with real solutions, beware, because you’ll either end up imprisoned or murdered. Best leave the nuts to themselves to their own demise; there’s no helping them!

  2. Which reliable monitoring agency is tracking trend in new cases of cancer (especially leukemia), and mutations in plants and animals?

  3. Stupid Americans build and operate nuclear reactors on earthquake fault lines and in flood plains. Stupid is as stupid does. If the people allow corrupt politicians to keep these extremely dangerous reactors it’s just a matter of time until a natural disaster causes a very serious problem. If humanity survives long enough to outlive nuclear power they will look back at this time with the same chagrin that we have for Romans cooking with lead utensils.

    1. YOu do make the point well. We are still allowing pollution that will destoy us. But as the Roman Empire found out when they had used up all the easily plundered countries to invade, their own soldiers began plundering the common ground….or did I read my history wrong.?

  4. My friend from Poland says that there’s the biggest dad-burn swatky jimyuck he’s ever seen. Take that ‘un down to the Tokyo county fair & win blue ribbon for SURE!!! I’d use that baby for a novelty door stop!!!! AH-SO!!! hi-yaah!!!!

  5. Proud of massive sizes of vegetables after Fukushima. The fact of increased SIZE suddenly occurring after the disaster
    ..might explain how Dinosaurs grew so large..and the numbers of plants and animials so increased(ie. persimmion with 300 fruits instead of the regular 3 or 4).

    Remember what happened to Dinosaurs….!!!

  6. the area needs to be evacuated. people should not willingly stay there? everyone knows ‘you cannot trust the government’ so i don’t know why people are willing to go back there?

    the UN and others claim to care for the environment and the people, and want to impose a carbon tax as a sign of their commitment – but here is an environmental catastrophe right here right now and the response is lacklustre at best?

    something does not make sense here?

    why force children to eat contaminated food in contaminated schools? why have lady gaga do a concert there? why plan to sell the rice to third world countries? why plan to hold surfing competitions in the harbour? why offer free holidays to japan now?

    the scales must drop from peoples eyes.

  7. I wonder if he’ll win any contests when his nutsack turns out that large in the next couple years.

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