Foreboding of Fukushima heart

In Chernobyl , babies were born to have their hearts with holes,which is called Chernobyl heart.

In Koriyama ,a baby was born with ventricular septal defect,which means the baby was damaged in the very early stage. It’s exactly the same as Chernobyl heart.
The baby was born in the early October. It was one month immature birth.
2700 g. stayed in NICU for 2 weeks and now the baby is at home.

The mother turned out to be pregnant in late March. She tried not to go out as much as possible,but touched the rain on 3/21/2011. She was in Koriyama ,where is a very hot spot.
You can not prove it has something to do with Fukushima ,but government will conceal the facts.We must keep our own eyes on what is going to happen.



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