There are some rooms in reactor 3, which Tepco can not disclose

On the daily press conference, Tepco stated there are some doors and rooms in reactor3, which Tepco can not disclose.

It was mentioned in the Q&A section between a freelance journalist Mr. Kino, and Tepco’s spokesman Matsumoto.




Mr. Kino : Since last year, Tepco has been taking some videos of Fukushima plants. Is it possible to disclose all of them ?


Tepco : We already disclose videos and photos of historical water leakage and data as DVD. It’s published at information disclosure center of Toshin building since last Autumn.


Mr. Kino : Tepco entered reactor 3 on 9th of June (6/11 ?), is that video disclosed there too ?


Tepco : We disclosed a part of the video, but we decided not to disclose the rest for the nuclear material protection.


Mr. kino : Was that decision made by Tepco ?


Tepco : Yes we did.


Mr. Kino : Does that mean it was not the nuclear agency to have decided not to disclose it for the issue of nuclear material protection ?


Tepco : The video included the doors that should not be disclosed for the issue of nuclear material protection, so we made that decision by ourselves.


Mr. Kino : The video does probably include the inside of the door, but is that the same ?


Tepco : The video included the door, and the name of the worker, so we should do something for them.


Mr. Kino : Can you disclose those parts after processing ?


Tepco : It takes time to process those parts of the video. We haven’t started anything specific for it yet.


Full length : [Link] 12:39~



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