Alpinist Noguchi Ken was corrupted by Tepco

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Alpinist Noguchi Ken was corrupted by Tepco.

His symptoms are enough to think he has been internally exposed, a lot of people have warned him about it but he kept deleting those messages from twitter and also removed me from follower list on twitter as well.

He tweeted like these below

kennoguchi0821 野口健  12/21/2011
それは関係ないと思います。あまり結びつけない方がいいと思う。 RT @uki2chu2: あなたの体調不良が6月の福島県警戒区域の視察撮影が原因?と英訳までされ、海外にも拡散されたようです。


“Foreign media reported about you to suspect it might be from your visiting the 20km area in June.”
→(Noguchi)”I don’t think it has anything to do with it. I think we should not associate it with radiation.”

– end –

kennoguchi0821 野口健 12/22/2011


I’m waiting for the analysis result but they say sometimes they can’t specify what causes the dizziness and fatigue from the blood test. They have already conducted the comprehensive medical examination but still we don’t know what is causing it. They say it might be because of automatic nerve but it makes the situation even more complicated. Only if we know what’s the reason..

– end –

After all, it turned out that he was corrupted by Tepco.

Tepco owns about 40% of “Oze national park“, to save its beautiful nature.


Tepco says, because it is a national park, they don’t have to take care of the mother nature of oze but they does it because they think much of nature.

Noguchi ken is used as a “green” mascot in their propaganda.

In the video attached Tepco also took advantage of the name recognition of Wangari Muta Maathai – who won Nobel Peace Prize.

Having this strong connection with Tepco, that would be difficult for him to admit his illness is from internal exposure.

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