Hurry up !

I thought that I was going to have more time after quitting my job ,but unexpectedly I have a lot to do for some reason.

I need to find someone to take over my furniture ,need to sort out my life insurance etc..

(If I abandon my furniture ,it costs 30,000~50,000 JPY in total.)

I was meant to write 3 more articles but better give it up for today.

For my previous post,

I got message like this below

Submitted on 2011/12/02 at 7:10 pm
Eight million children in Kiev? Wikipedia says Kiev has a total of less than 3 million people (less than 4 for the metropolitan area).

Also, I’m not at all sure that “All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.” Wouldn’t it still be possible to dig a tunnel, metro style, to prevent that from happening? If possible, it should be done, whatever the cost.

Submitted on 2011/12/03 at 2:42 am
You refused my comment? May I ask why?

This person doesn’t seem to understand why I refused it. It’s because he/she is not ready to kill himself/herself to settle it down.
If not,don’t tell anything to send anyone to death.
If you think someone must die to settle it down,you kill yourself.

I have been telling JP gov must give it up ,buy a part of Australia with all the rest of money ,and let Japanese move to there. Open Japanese island to UN and let the armies build the fort to prevent contamination from spreading any further.
Obviously Tepco is not capable to do it. Japanese government is still dreaming a dream to export “safe” nuclear plants to overseas.

I think they will notice it. but it would be too late.

I don’t want anyone to die because of Fukushima.

“it should be done, whatever the cost.” > You can say that because you don’t know the pain of others.

I think “Dael” is just an immature type of person. Maybe he/she thinks saying something opposite to the majority sounds cool or smart something.

However ,the actual problem is not these ones.

On my communication with one of my sources,the person told me ,maybe our emails are being read by someone.

This is so creepy ,but maybe that’s true. I can’t understand why I have to be punished to tell the truth.

I want to tell you west coast and Canadian. Why are you quiet ? Did you give up living ? Why ?
You have let the fall-out forecast concealed.

Please ! Don’t let your kids die ! Wake up !

I know I ‘m too powerless ,but Fukushima is not only the problem of Japan. It’s the problem of pacific ocean.
The sooner the better.
I’ll try. so you do try to wake up your surroundings too ,please.

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