Reactor 5 and 6 are in crisis too.

In the previous post  a Fukushima citizen talked reactor 5 and 6 are also in crisis,

engineers from HITACHI are coming to try to settle it down.

10/23/2011,Tepco finally released data about reactor 5 and 6.

It is to show how much cesium are measured at the water release point of those reactors.

Comparing the data to the one of 9/29/2011,it has become 10 times worse in one month.

Although Tepco’s data is not trustworthy,we can read the trend.


At 30 km  from water release point of reactor 5 and 6.


Cs-134+137  20Bq/Kg


Cs-134+137 188Bq/Kg (Cs-134 78Bq/Kg,Cs-137 110Bq/Kg)



Japan fallout radiation report

Japanese radioactive fallout detection report

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