Unconfirmed Reports: August 17, 2011



Minami muko dai in Fukushima > 2.10uSv/h
In front of Fukushima city hall > 1.49uSv/h
Mandatory evacuating area in Chernobyl > 0.60uSv/h

[Unknown disorder]

Yablokov, Nesterenko and Nesterenko 2009 Ann NY AS Vol 1811

In a village near Chernobyl,12 of (over)70 years old women still have breast milk.
(page 97)


[Plutonium may have spread more than we have ever thought]

@tokaiama 車の屋根をさっと拭いたティッシュを2つのガイガーカウンターにあてた。RADEXのβ線、γ線を計るものでは変化しなかったのが(0.15マイクロsv/hくらい)α線にも対応したもので計ったら50cpmが200cpmまで跳ね上がった。α線??岐阜は郡上にて!

In Gujo shi,Gifu,I wiped off the body of my car with tissues and checked it with two types of Geiger counters.
1) detectable beta ray and gamma ray:no change.
2) detectable beta ray,gamma ray,and alpha ray: 50cpm → 200cpm

Alpha ray is detected in Gifu.(about 450km from Fukushima plants.)

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