News: Plants are dying

In the previous post Column of the Day: brine damage? I reported evergreen plants are dying for some reason.

Today, the actual Fukushima worker, Happy20790 tweeted a similar thing.

Happy20790 ハッピー

Today there were more small aftershocks than usual. I wonder if the major one comes around 11th again..

Anyway, today I noticed a thing around the plant. On the way to the 4th reactor, a pine tree was dead.

Summer’s over..NOT ! Pine doesn’t wither in Autumn!

Happy20790 ハッピー

Back in April, one of my followers asked me if any trees are dead and turned to be brown around the plants.

I checked the tree at that time and it was green, at least at that time. I don’t know when it went dead. It’s not the whole tree but a part of it though..well it’s likely to be radiation..

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