News: Plants are dying

In the previous post Column of the Day: brine damage? I reported evergreen plants are dying for some reason.

Today, the actual Fukushima worker, Happy20790 tweeted a similar thing.

Happy20790 ハッピー

Today there were more small aftershocks than usual. I wonder if the major one comes around 11th again..

Anyway, today I noticed a thing around the plant. On the way to the 4th reactor, a pine tree was dead.

Summer’s over..NOT ! Pine doesn’t wither in Autumn!

Happy20790 ハッピー

Back in April, one of my followers asked me if any trees are dead and turned to be brown around the plants.

I checked the tree at that time and it was green, at least at that time. I don’t know when it went dead. It’s not the whole tree but a part of it though..well it’s likely to be radiation..

  1. This is very normal for that area,
    do not forget that there is a lot of Salt from the Tsunami!

    But it should be observed, of course!


    1. not so, hurricanes/typhoons do not rain salt water – they rain fresh water. they push a storm surge at the shore – that is salt water. at the shore the gale force winds pick up sea spray – thats salt water but the vast majority of the water from the hurricane is FRESH water.

      1. Most of my friends and I agree that the Tsunami’s salt water may have caused some brown discoloration. Or, we can stop putting our heads in the sand and realize that the spectre of poisoned, tainted land is just reared it ugly head. All human kind needs to learn from this.

  2. He is referring to the tsunami, not the recent taifun.

    While I am nor scientist nor asian, I can vividly imagine how the tsunami forces salt water onto the land, while a taifun would be mostly rain as you said.

  3. ahh – yes – tsunami definitely salt 🙂 We dont know where these TEPCO pine trees are and if they were in or above the tsunami affected zone – Iori refers to dying plants that had not been in the tsunami zone.

    So much is unknowable at this point!

  4. Pine trees have a tendency to fix higheer levels of cesium into themselves and therefore are probably overloaded with contaminant.

    * “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
    Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies review, over 1,400 cited.
    Yablokov authorized pdf; I paid for ebook on Amazon, free download AND bought hard copy @ Greko Printing 734-453-0341 $12.50 in USA so the dear men might have some income from lifetime of dedication.

    Pine trees reveal changes in wood color, density, and growth rate following irradiation from the Chernobyl disaster. T.A. Mousseau, University of South Carolina (2009)”

    pg331…voles, swallows,frogs, and pine trees, which demonstrate similar health disorders, including increased mutation rates?

    pg 237 The Chernobyl fallout has ruined the pine forests near the nuclear power plant, which were not able to withstand the powerful radioactive impact, where contamination in the first weeks and months after the catastrophe reached several thousand curies per square kilometer.

    Well worth downloading and reading.

  5. TEPCO and the Japan government are LIARS and CHEATS just say anything to try to protect TEPCO and all that under the table money for politicians. TEPCO and the politicians are as corrupt as anyone could be. They will pay a very heavy price in future, their lives and their fortunes will become miserable and painful, because they cheat and lie and damage so many peoples health and lives. TEPCO and the liar politicians will rot in pain in the future with evil bad fortune. And by the way, those posts saying “its just salt, couldnt be radiation”, those are more fake posts from TEPCO staff, just like the lies and fake radiation stats from the government liars. Vote these clowns out or get rid of them.

  6. Is it true that radioactive waste is intentionaly being burned near Fuku?
    This seems like a frantic, poorly thought-out thing to do.
    oh well…

    1. It’s not true. To tell you the truth,they burn radioactive waste all around in there ‘s nowhere to escape.

  7. Mankind ought not to have gotten mixed up with metals that emit energy that normal matter dosnt.
    How many tons of that strange metal have gone up in smoke? Smoke can travel for many miles.
    Will this metal become fixed in sea water? And what of the living things that must live in water tainted with radioactive metalic salts?
    Did these geniouses ever think about this?

  8. Dear friends in Japan and everywhere else. Fifty to sixty years ago, the U.S. government proved and reverified the radioactive fallout/increase in cancer rates corelation. This was a few years after Dr. Linus Pauling won an authentic Nobel Prize for discovering, documenting and proving this guaranteed result from contamination.
    The few individuals who permitted the WTCs I and II be loaded with explosives and the design, siting and operating license of Fukushima with the spent fuel stored overhead on the beach in the strongest tsunami zone, are the same. i don’t think they like us and Americans are too busy mewling and prancing to act like adults. The new protest against the mess they made of the stockmarket has huge support and a radical chenge for the better may happen. If the monsters are in prison, free to do what they like to do best, the best for everyone.

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