Breaking News: Immune system meltdown

According to the data of National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the count of variety of the diseases is spiking up this year compared to last 9 years.


Abscissa (X) axis = Week

3/11 is on the 11th week.

2011 = Red.

Radiation affects our immune system.

No excuses anymore.

Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

RSV disease

Mycoplasma pneumonia

Abacterial meningitis

Infectious erythema

[‘apple sickness’ or ‘ringo-byou’ (りんご病)]

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease



  1. Interesting. Many allergies too. In which area of Japan this data does this data come from?

    1. The area is no longer important since the japanese government sent truck-loads of highly contaminated sludge from Fukushima all around the country east-south-west-north and BURNED IT into the atmosphere. This effectively contaminated any safe areas in japan so that in future there will be no ‘control group’ of uncontaminated japanese people. This means no one will succesfully sue the japanese government for radiation poisoning in the future.

      1. Yes, there will be a control group — Japanese who left to live overseas after 3/11.

        1. good thinking! now to get those people tracked, tested and get the data collected starting now!

      2. In the US, few people know it, and judges don’t seem to go along with it in cases where it comes up, but juries have the power to make a decision whether or not it follows the law. It can be appealed, but a jury can acquit when someone is guilty or convict when they are not.

        Also, it seems likely the amount of contamination will continue to increase and will be so much that there will be no denying it’s Tepco and the Japanese government’s fault. Before, nobody or few people ill or dying or died from radiation-related disease, after, lots, it would seem there can only be one conclusion. Especially if all the other radionuclides and the ‘signature’ they give accompanies the contamination.

        Further, this is one place where the courts and rulings ought to be changed. If the officials all think they can further pollute that nation and its people to muddy the waters, courts and laws can be changed, and RETROACTIVELY at that.

  2. Would the same trend be in the stats for heart problems especially in children… That might shake up the world…
    Wonder what the Japanese government budget for hospitals, cancer drugs, and health projections are for the next five years?? Bet they look similar to the pneumonia!

  3. All this are autoimune dissorders, canser is the ultimate price for a cell to pay, but before that, all this.
    And hormone disturbances can also lead to cognetiv disorders as well.
    Charfing is mainly because of Tissue inside our lungs are “fried”.
    And the very air we breath is charged with isotops and almoust elektrifyed and all that dust and isotops are draged down into our lungs.
    Of course our systems detect that.
    Everything on this planet will be effected, even under water.

    Dhiarea is curious, because one starts to wonder how high is the exposure in reality, to me this seams high, very high.
    Is it sick plants, water rad level is what …, consumating of animal flesh(fish and other sea food ingrediences a.s.o.).

    Fukushima the Mother of all the Black Swans is rising.

  4. This is why man made nuclear fission is used as eugenics.
    Children die because of normal diseases.

    Please have a look at how it works:

    Discovered by Abraham Petkau, 1972, Whitshell at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (web).

    His study:

    He discovered:

    that 26 RAD per Minute (fast radiation rate) need a total dose of 3500 RAD to harm a cell membrane.

    with 0,001 RAD per Minute (slow dose) only 0,7 RAD are needed to harm a cell membrane.

    The Mechanism behind it:

    The production of free radicals of Oxygen (O² with a negative electric charge) caused by ionising effect of the radiation.

    The free radicals caused by the slow dose (0,001) are sparsely distributed radicals do have a higher chance to reach the cell membranes.


    The free radicals of the fast radiation rate (26) are tight together and so they react faster with each other.

    The low electric charge of the cell membranes attract the free radicals in the early state of the reaction (minor total dose).

    If the harmed cells are monocytes this will cause:

    Anemia, because the monocytes recycle 37 – 40 % of the iron of dying red blood cells.

    Weakened immune system in the cells, because the monocytes generate the substance which activates the immune system of the lymphocytes.

    This is the so called “Bura Bura” – of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors.


    Routine radioactive emissions are dangerous because they are the main source of low-level radiation. Strong radiation comes from large accidents. Petkau discovered that the response is logarithmic to radiation, that means, concave downward. So the risk is higher at low doses of radiation than larger ones.

    The damage to the immune system due to low-level radiation can be controlled to some extent by measures that strengthen the immune system: antioxidant, vitamin C, vitamin E.

    The biochemical mechanisms by which the immune system is damaged, are different from the damage to the DNA caused by high radiation doses.

    If you have low-level radiation in addition to other mechanisms, the formation of free radicals by antioxidants such as vitamin C or E can be lifted.
    The only way to really deal with the problem of low-level radiation, is, as soon as possible to switch off any atomic reactor .

    The BIMODAL effect of low radiation on health – proven by Burlakova 1996, ignored by science and IAEA, today’s science ONLY looks for LINEAR dose effects. They use the model of HIGH radiation (acute syndrome) on LOW radiation effects (cancer, diseases, mutation – …) – result: ALL radiation victims are and latency in general ignored! Please share:

    Page 2: “Table 1 Incidence of 12 classes of disease among liquidators per 100 thousand people” – shows massive increase of diseases. Page 6 “relation between effects at low-intensive dosage and dose rate” and Page 11 “the PRESENCE of linear or linear-quadratic dependency IS NOT obligatory for the cases of diseases and deaths from malignant neoplasm at low doses”:

    “Presently the international organizations (WHO, IAEA) recognize as the main cause of increase of thyroid cancer in liquidators and children population after the accident their irradiation with radioactive iodine, I-131. The rest of diseases, they suppose, are provoked by psycho-emotional reactions. ” The bimodal dependence of effects on dose was
    revealed for all studied parameters. Namely, effects increased at low doses, reached maximum (for low doses), then decreased (in some cases the effect sign reversed) and thereafter increased with the increase of

    If natural radiation has influenced the evolution, what happens when we add artificial radiation? With radionuclides, which did not exist before the atomic age?
    The answer: Atomic Darwinism:

    Infant Mortality increased by Three Mile Island 1979 – ignored by IAEA, W.H.O., NRC, media:

    Low radiation kills everything: Trees, children, weather, green energy, peace, climate, democracy, mind, science:

    1. Excellent information! I hope you keep posting or even write articles so more people can benefit from your well-written documentation and clarity in presenting it.

  5. HI Mochizuki san. Again, thank you so much for the great work you are doing here.
    I would like to request you do an article on Tokyo Disneyland and Disney sea as many millions of people visit there every week. Since the very beginning of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Urayasu has been and continues to be a radiation hot spot.
    People need to know it is not safe to visit the Disney Resort.
    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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