News: Another worker got exposed

10/8/2011 19:15

Tepco announced that a male worker in his 30s was exposed to high level of radiation. It is likely that he had a severe internal exposure too.

He was checking the water leakage around the water purifying system today.

He was externally exposed to 0.13 mSv/h gamma ray, 0.50 mSv/h beta ray.

After finishing his task, they found radioactive material attached to his jaw, neck and on mask.

They are going to have him tested by WBC.


  1. Whose fault was it? Who is responsible for that?

    Leaving aside the fact that Tepco hired too many unprofessional workers and they probably don’t have enough equipment etc…

    all workers know the risks they expose themselves too. it might sound crazy and I might be cold hearted sometimes, but some people have to this kind of dangerous jobs and accidents happen – you can blame the employer for not assuring workers’ safety but it could also be the worker’s fault

    1. I don’t even think it’s a job. It’s genocide. No matter how much they try,it won’t be solved for decades at least. It’s nothing different from Kamikaze.
      I don’t know who’s fault it is. I’m not even interested in it. but pro nuc scientists or pro nuc politician, executives of Tepco ,they all should go to Fukushima before everyone else. They kept on asserting nuc is safe,you can drink plutonium,radiation doesn’t come to smiley people. so just go to the plant with smiling and drink up all the plutonium.

      1. Well, whatever brings a monthly salary into your pocket is called “job”.
        I was talking just about this case, whose fault is it that that worker got exposed. 
        Well, lol, try to convince all the pro-nuc guys to go to Fukushima and work there! Because someone has to do that job, otherwise we’ll have to evacuate Earth… And remind them that
        smile works like an energetic shield to protect them from radiation, and that
        they should not ingest more than 39 grams of the spice called Plutonium, because, if we compare the toxicity, Pu is not very different from SALT!!!
        Ah, and ask them to send our best regards to Pluto-kun, he must be feeling sooo lonely…

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