Breaking News: Hydrogen keeps coming up


Tepco tried to reduce hydrogen in the pipes of reactor 1 but they failed.

When there is more than 1% hydrogen, it may cause hydrogen explosion.

Apart from other flammable kinds of the gas, hydrogen is assumed be at 63% in the pipes.

At first they managed to reduce it to be under 0.1%,but 1~2 hours later, it increased to 3.9% again.

There is an explosion risk in this process.

Actual worker of Fukushima tweeted like below.

Happy20790 ハッピー

Today we reduced the hydrogen in the pipes but it came up again.. Tomorrow we are planning to cut off the pipe but hydrogen needs to be less than 1%.

Happy20790 ハッピー

Tepco says extra hydrogen comes up from other pipes but I suspect it comes from underground..

We don’t have proper equipment..I wonder if they can really cut off the pipe. I’ll take a day off tomorrow but I’m worried.


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