Breaking news “Interview with Busby Part2 [I had nothing to do with the pricing of the pills.]”

In a previous post,”Breaking News: Interview with Dr C.Busby: Part 1“, I asked Dr. Busby the following:

We wonder why you don’t make videos with better production than a play ground or someone’s kitchen. ( better in the meaning of design. ) I think appearing in a lab or a studio might look way more authentic and prevent them from misunderstanding you.

Dr Busby replied:

I think if I appeared with better video production facilities people would start to think I was false.

The videos are made on the move by my girlfriend D radioactivebsr when I say something to her, she says we must tell the world and pulls out her camera, sometimes her mobile phone. I think it is rather charming. If it wasnt for her I probably wouldnt bother with videos.

I am not in the business of trying to prove I am correct or authentic or whatever. I tell it as it is and people can believe or not. I have at least done my best and when everyone starts to die I will have done my best. I am doing research and working in many areas, Iraq, the Baltic Sea, France, Italy and have several research projects on the go and no funding. I am not sitting about trying to make myself famous on Youtube. My motto is “if a job is worth doing, its worth doing badly.”

Here is something really important that i just did, probably as important as Fukushima in its impact on human health; no videos.

Uranium and other contaminants in hair from the parents of children with congenital anomalies in Fallujah, Iraq

Samira Alaani, Muhammed Tafash, Christopher Busby, Malak Hamdan and Eleonore Blaurock-Busch Conflict and Health 2011, 5:15 (2 September 2011)

You can put that on your blog if you like.


I see. This is a very important message from you I think. I knew you were innocent from the beginning because it’s too inconsiderate to deceive someone.

Frauds are always more “sophisticated”, but not everyone thinks that way. Some people are really confused and disappointed to think they were deceived.

Japanese people are at a loss to know we all were deceived by the government and Tepco. Some Japanese are needing the projection of the wise, whether you want to be or not. They treat you like a god and the next day, they drag you down on the ground just because of their misunderstanding.

I will do my best to make you understood right.

Thank you for the link. Though we are swamped to survive, but also aware of the tragedy going on in Iraq. Now I can’t think it has nothing to do with me.

I will keep you informed of what they feed back to my post. I need a protection against radiation, but seriously, you need legal protection.


May I have some correction?

When you said: “But as soon as I got together with the guy who has the money to do this and make the supplements the CBFCF was attacked as a fraud and It was suggested I was a fraud and a snake oil salesman trying to get rich on the back of the children. etc.”

Do you mean soon as you met a sponsor, they started making supplements and sold for “good” price on their own choice, you have nothing to do with making the supplements and the pricing. Do I take it right ?

Dr. Busby replies:

The supplements were my idea, not the sponsor. He was more interested in setting up a lab in Japan that people would trust because I would guarantee the measurements. The idea was to buy a large number of proper radiation detection machines and make them available. I organised this, but so far he has not bought anything. Maybe quite right since if we are seen as a false operation no one would trust them and he would be left with a lot of expensive machinery. I dont think it was a money making operation; certainly not on my side. The supplements were my idea and I still think they would be valuable. We agreed that any profit from the supplements and lab would be paid to the CBFCF to help the children evacuate, through advice and grants to the families. I said that the supplements should be sold on a non profit basis on the youtube “Sweden Swing” video.

In fact, there are no supplements yet as far as I know because I think the sponsor has been stopped by the attacks on the internet, which is a shame. After all, he has put a lot of his own money and work into developing the idea and the websites.


Also, when you said:

“the usual falling out of opposition parties chasing funding”

What did you mean specifically ?

Dr. Busby replies:

Regarding the usual falling out . . .

I have been in the Green movement for more than 20 years and have a good idea what goes on. Apart from the infiltrators and false people making trouble because they work for the bad guys, there are competitions for funding. I have seen my friend Geogina Downs attacked and losing funding in her work on pesticides as a result of attacks by another less successful (and possibly suspect) group who have now soaked up the funding. I myself have lost funding this year as a result of attacks on me from a anti-Depleted Uranium weapons group which certainly has infiltrators from the military. Thats why I do all this on my own, with a very few people that I trust.

I have never found the law to be any protection, and I keep out of any personal litigation. Its usually a question of who pays for the biggest lawyers.

You all need to know that there is a massive cover up of the radiation effects. The reason is that the nuclear military complex is in charge of the world and the money riding on this issue is astronomical.


May I ask you the last question ?

When you said: “no pills are being made”

Do you know that a variety of the pills are sold on “your site”, and even sell clay to detox you or something. You haven not made them at all, is this right ?

Dr. Busy replies:


Nothing to do with me.

I proposed Calcium Lactate 800 mg and a Magnesium salt 300 mg in one pill, or better, two pills half the doses.

These can be bought anyway at health food shops.

I also proposed a Caesium Chloride 2 mg but I think they have not been made.

Nothing else should have my name on it.

No one has consulted me on this although my agreement to be involved was that I must see everything that is published and agree it or it doesnt go out.

So if that is happening they have broken their word to me.


I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

So,in summary “Calcium Lactate 800 mg and a Magnesium salt 300 mg” pill are the only pills you approved and you decided to sell them more expensive than average market price so you can donate the margin to children, is this right ?

so all the other products like the so called “Mega Mineral Supplement Internal Detoxifier Cleanser” are not authentic (effective). Do I take it right ?

Finally, they offer urine test but it looks pretty pricey. (Source) You don’t have anything to do with it either ?

Dr. Busby:

I had nothing to do with the pricing of the pills.

The radioactivity measurements I did gave them some prices for but these are the prices that are asked by the labs I sub contract that work to.


OK, I understood. Thank you and sorry for taking you so much time.

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