Breaking News: Tritium measured in sea

No more gas masks, because it does not work anymore.

Tepco secretly measured tritium from sea water on 9/12 and announced it on 10/15.

2,400 Bq/L at sub-drain of reactor 2. (Plus, all kinds of beta nuclides were measured.)

470 Bq/L at intake of reactor 1~4.(Plus, all kinds of beta nuclides were measured.)


They have not announced why they took one month to publish the data.

Tritium is radioactive hydrogen.

It is in the form of H20.

Once it comes out of the reactor, it comes up and fall down in the air as rain, and it goes back to the sea again.

It repeats the cycle.

Half life time is 12 years.

It is the main material of hydrogen bomb.

In normal times, it’s less than 1 Bq/L in the sea.

It easily comes into tap water, and your own cells as water and cause severe internal exposure.

It’s impossible to filter it out.

Dr.C Busby explains:

If you put sea water into the reactor, the reactor becomes a tritium producing machine.


Note,the PDF file of the data was locked to upload by Tepco,so I had to upload the screen shot instead.I have no idea why.

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