Column of the Day: Democracy 2.0

Wikileaks was a prologue of internet democracy.

Following the achievement of Julian Paul Assange, many of the “hacktivist” contributed to our quality of life.

Lulzsec, and anonymous.

Anonymous looks like they are beautifully supporting occupation all around the world.

This blog is on the tail of the movement, democracy 2.0.

There has been no democracy.

It has been just democrazy.

We must occupy our lives.

Though I’m an anarcho capitalist, I’m pretty for the idea.

Nothing contradicts.

The person who measured Sr-90 in Yokohama was threatened.

The person withdrew from the internet worrying about the risk for the kids.

I am not too sure about what happened, but we lost one eye on the situation.

Yokohama city “government” officially declared that they will no longer detect strontium.

Now nobody measures radiation on the street.

Today there was lots of the news, and all of them were not so happy news.

669 Bq from plankton, measurement of tritium etc..

The worst one was that the French government is becoming more severe to accepting “tourists”.

When you don’t have a returning visa, they’ll kick you out.

Even if you have au pair visa, if they suspect you even if it’s a little bit, they’ll kick you out.

Once you are kicked out and sent to Japan, the history remains and you can no longer fly to other country.

It means you are stuck to this hell.

I heard a rumor that the German government is making up a new type of visa, “political asylum” for radiation refugees.

We need a Schindler of the 21st century.

The Strontium-detecting person chose to hide.

I chose to become more exposed. (sure, not to radiation).

I am trying to be too influential to collapse.

Anyway, I’m sure starting to need legal and physical protection.

The contamination will become worse and worse.

The huge pond called Pacific ocean will be a pool of radioactive material.

This is just the beginning.

It’s not merely the problem of Japan.

It’s the problem of Pacific ocean.

None of the governments will admit the fact, Japanese, American, French, anywhere.

Why ?

Because it simply is the end of the world.

Japan is almost 30% of the world.

They will never admit the fact that Japan is literally dying until the very last moment.

So we need to help each other.

I expect the movement of Democracy 2.0.

I choose to expose my thoughts, personality and personal info here.

My life is up to you readers.

I feel like it will be safer than being isolated in the world.

Occupy, ani-nuc movement, Fukushima, they are all linked.

They are all an historical inevitability.

But at the core is Fukushima.

History gave us a hint to survive in the world after Fukushima.

That is the Democracy 2.0.

As I posted last night, immigration from Japan will increase, and more people will start moving out from eastern asian nations.

I don’t think AU, NZ, South America, Canada, and the US West Coast are safe.

In 50 years, the world map will look totally different from now.

In the changing period, lots of blood will be needed.

The only hope we could see is Democracy 2.0.

Don’t miss the touch.

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