Column of the Day: Democracy 2.0

Wikileaks was a prologue of internet democracy.

Following the achievement of Julian Paul Assange, many of the “hacktivist” contributed to our quality of life.

Lulzsec, and anonymous.

Anonymous looks like they are beautifully supporting occupation all around the world.

This blog is on the tail of the movement, democracy 2.0.

There has been no democracy.

It has been just democrazy.

We must occupy our lives.

Though I’m an anarcho capitalist, I’m pretty for the idea.

Nothing contradicts.

The person who measured Sr-90 in Yokohama was threatened.

The person withdrew from the internet worrying about the risk for the kids.

I am not too sure about what happened, but we lost one eye on the situation.

Yokohama city “government” officially declared that they will no longer detect strontium.

Now nobody measures radiation on the street.

Today there was lots of the news, and all of them were not so happy news.

669 Bq from plankton, measurement of tritium etc..

The worst one was that the French government is becoming more severe to accepting “tourists”.

When you don’t have a returning visa, they’ll kick you out.

Even if you have au pair visa, if they suspect you even if it’s a little bit, they’ll kick you out.

Once you are kicked out and sent to Japan, the history remains and you can no longer fly to other country.

It means you are stuck to this hell.

I heard a rumor that the German government is making up a new type of visa, “political asylum” for radiation refugees.

We need a Schindler of the 21st century.

The Strontium-detecting person chose to hide.

I chose to become more exposed. (sure, not to radiation).

I am trying to be too influential to collapse.

Anyway, I’m sure starting to need legal and physical protection.

The contamination will become worse and worse.

The huge pond called Pacific ocean will be a pool of radioactive material.

This is just the beginning.

It’s not merely the problem of Japan.

It’s the problem of Pacific ocean.

None of the governments will admit the fact, Japanese, American, French, anywhere.

Why ?

Because it simply is the end of the world.

Japan is almost 30% of the world.

They will never admit the fact that Japan is literally dying until the very last moment.

So we need to help each other.

I expect the movement of Democracy 2.0.

I choose to expose my thoughts, personality and personal info here.

My life is up to you readers.

I feel like it will be safer than being isolated in the world.

Occupy, ani-nuc movement, Fukushima, they are all linked.

They are all an historical inevitability.

But at the core is Fukushima.

History gave us a hint to survive in the world after Fukushima.

That is the Democracy 2.0.

As I posted last night, immigration from Japan will increase, and more people will start moving out from eastern asian nations.

I don’t think AU, NZ, South America, Canada, and the US West Coast are safe.

In 50 years, the world map will look totally different from now.

In the changing period, lots of blood will be needed.

The only hope we could see is Democracy 2.0.

Don’t miss the touch.

  1. Individuals can get lucky. So I still think it is possible for you to eventually settle your residence in France or elsewhere in Europe.

    But Europe is not willing to accept ANY kind of immigrants. Most politicians and many people are rightist.

    For large groups of Japanese people, there are only a few solutions.

    1. Former colonies of the UK with a tradition of immigration and a large amount of land (the US, Australia, Canada, NZ). Unlike Europe, they at least allow larger numbers of qualified immigrants. For many people, this may be the only solution, but the problem is that you have to qualify through a point system (for instance in Canada)and wait for a long time to get a visa.

    2. Countries which are still viewed as poor but which also have sectors of prospering economy. Brazil is the best example. Personally, I like Venezuela and I hope that they also rise. In Europe, Romania and a few other countries offer such “pockets” of opportunities.

    3. Other countries, but this depends on a person’s luck. There are Japanese in Varanasi, India, with restaurants and Japanese-style hotels. But they had to get a business visa, because residence is relatively difficult to get in India (easier than in Europe). Indonesia is similar. Malaysia may be a good possibility. Egypt has also been a good place for many people. Turkey is looking for more instructors of east Asian languages.

    4. Please consider that there will be a huge economic crisis in the course of this decade. The crisis will be unpredictable. Countries which we traditionally view as rich may not be so in the end. In the US, 20% of people have a hard time feeding themselves. In most of western Europe, young people have to work for very small amounts of money (less than 1000E even though they finished university). I am 36, with a Ph.D. and I had to move in with my parents last year for a while.

  2. …and finally, there is Russia, which offered a formal invitation to the Japanese in March, so at least the residence problem would be solved. I don’t know if I could move to Siberia, but that’s probably still better than radiation disease.

    Keep in mind that you might go to one country first and then decide to go elsewhere. Seen in that light, the Russian “Far East” may not look so bad.

  3. …so sorry for “spamming” but new ideas keep coming up.

    My best friend lived in Turkey for 3 years with only a tourist visa. He left every 3 months for a couple of days and came back.

    Turks really like the Japanese and at least a few Turkish cities are good places to live.

    Istanbul is expensive, but it has A LOT of language schools and many expats live there (check “”). Other places include Ankara, Bodrum, Antalya and Izmir.

  4. Come to Germany, I know quite a few People that came here already 4 days after the main quake and don’t regret it. Japanese People are highly welcome here.

    1. The German people do love the Japanese and identify with them, so there is no doubt many people would be nicer to them than to other immigrants. Individual Japanese will certainly do well for themselves in Germany.

      Allerdings: Dass die Auslaenderbehoerde diese Gefuehle teilt, wage ich stark zu bezweifeln. Sie sagen schliesslich immer, Deutschland sei kein Einwanderungsland. Vor allem in der Wirtschaftkrise wird sich das kaum aendern.

      Translation: I strongly doubt that the immigration authorities share those feelings. They always say that Germany is not an immigration country. Above all, during the economic crisis this will not change.

  5. The main problems that many democratic countries like Japan are facing is the lack of transparency and the lack of a real participatory democracy, You just go to vote every now and then, afterwards you can go back to the pub (or izakaya). In addition there is a lot of corruption in the japanese political “elite”. Old guys giving favours and receiving favours, from Tepco for example. These old guys are still dreaming about Japan in the 80ies and Japan as number one, which will never come back and never will happen. This lack of democracy, transparency plus corruption was the enabler of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.
    When I studied Japanese I made a report about the Japanese Nuclear Power Plants, which was about 10 years ago. I can still remember that I thought: This is crazy, they are running nuclear reactors in the country with the most earthquakes, with Tsunamies, storms and actives volcanos. WTF The bitter irony is that Japan was the only country in the world that has been nuked by two atomic bombs. Looks like some people are total morons and DO NOT LEARN OR DO NOT WANT TO LEARN FROM PAST EVENTS.

    But let me thing how the situation will proceed:

    1. The japanese government will continue to underplay the severity of the radiation problem. I think the majority of the people will believe the lies and continue their daily life.

    2. In some years when the cancer rates increase, the government will falsify or not publish any information about the increasing cancer rates and deformed babies.

    It would be very usefull to take a look at the japanese infant mortality rates, because increased radiation causes higher mortality rates. In order to asses the gravity of the situation.

    I hope you will get a German radiation refugee visa soon mate!

  6. 4. Please consider that there will be a huge economic crisis in the course of this decade. The crisis will be unpredictable. Countries which we traditionally view as rich may not be so in the end. In the US, 20% of people have a hard time feeding themselves.


    And I could bet that Japan’s fall will play a big role in the current economic depression.

    My bets goes to India, Turkey and Brazil. These are countries that will leap forward just by doing nothing terribly wrong.

    But China…

  7. Iam afraid the wast majorety of the western world would not take milions of Japanes refugees, they dont care, like your govement they dont give a shitt.
    This is faar to late for anything reasonable solutions, and if the world, with all its druling idiots, rasict biggots and finnancial war, the People of Japan wil be simply isolated.
    And I amafraid the general peopluations anywhere else wil without dupt, blame the people of Japan for this.
    And the people of Japan wil suffer for the criminals in charge.
    I am afarid the mass evac would be political imosible, and even if they desided to start to day, it wil be almoust to late, even a fullscale evac would take atleats a half year.
    We are talkning about 30-60 mill people, if not them all.

    The gov. and TEPCO sould have reacted from Day 1, but they dint.
    They sould have started it then, when the prospects of this fallout was known, but they dint.
    And the MSM wiggled along the powers and helped them with their lies and coverups, and now when reality comes, they stil are helping TEPCO with this crime against us all.

    Remeber them, remeber their faces, remeber thier lies, because the day of reconing is comming.

  8. Sorry but Assange, like 99.99% of activists, is a stooge. In fact he’s a Rothschild puppet–look at who promoted him, who his lawyers are, etc. Wikileaks is a fake. So is Wikipedia (the memory hole; check out the guys who started it; maybe until you try putting out real facts on Wikipedia you won’t realize how evil it is).
    The game is fixed. Sorry.

  9. I imagine about three possible outcomes.

    1. The Japanese government collapses. A new government prioritizes people’s health and life over hypocrisy. The government works together with groups established by citizens and scientists to encase the reactors and to control and analyze radiation in the soil and the water. Other nations, especially those with territory in the northern Pacific, recognize the urgency and contribute massively with financial and scientific advice.

    2. Things continue as before. Because the impact of radiation is slow, the full scale of the catastrophe is only visible in 10 years after millions have died from cancers and other diseases. Japanese products are sold through Chinese and other mediators because most people don’t want to buy them directly. Because of lack of interest and funding, the reactors are not contained until 2025. Some countries accept Japanese citizens’ resettlement relatively easily, but those Japanese who are accepted have to have enough capital and skill to emigrate. They are also required to submit proof of health.

    3. Japan becomes a massive experiment in radiation exposure, almost a concentration camp in January 2013. A large number of people try to leave, but they cannot, because almost all countries have blocked Japanese citizens from entering. The reactors become so dangerous that any work close to them is cosmetic.

    At this point, 2. is the most likely because of inertia. But 1. is still possible if people act quickly and decidedly, while 3. (the hellish scenario) is unfortunately not unlikely.

    Unfortunately, I do not share Mochizuki-san’s trust in entrepreneurship, though I accept that small-scale companies can have positive effects. The 99% movement is good and vital, but they need to have demands SOON, some of which will be local (student loan debt, local jobs) and others more global (no more imperial wars). Many of those people are not aware of what is happening in Japan.

    I also don’t think our Malthusian rulers planned for this event or caused it, but they welcome it and they do not care if the global population is reduced (especially if non-whites die). Don’t have illusions about the US or the UK helping out at this point.

    Japanese citizens are largely left to their own devices. The people who can help the most at this point are concerned and honest scientists who need to inform the Japanese people of the effects of radiation and devise ways that people can protect themselves. Only when there is a large movement in Japan can there be help from political figures. Only political measures can punish TEPCO’s executives and complacent politicians.

    Meanwhile, be aware that European and other states like to change their visa regulation in DECEMBER/JANUARY. THE CLOCK IS TICKING. If they don’t abolish current 3-month tourist visas for the Japanese this winter, they will most likely do it next winter, with the exception for those few with enough money, diplomatic passports, good health condition etc. Others will be stuck in Japan. No need even for the Japanese government to prevent people from leaving — if you can’t enter any country legally, it’s very hard to leave.

  10. Come to Ontario Canada, you will be here years before your refugee claim is sorted out, and Canadian government will be years before it wants a visa for Japanese.

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