279 microSv/h from a car

Tepco claims that they have been controlling the cars coming out of J-village since 3/23 /2011. They are supposed to decontaminate cars or stop them coming from the site if the radiation level is too high.

Whether it is true or not, they did not do anything for the contaminated cars before 3/22/2011.

Now Tepco does not even know how many cars went out of the site after the explosions. When 311 happened there were 755 Tepco staff and 5,660 staff from sub contract companies.

In June, a car repairing company was asked to fix a car from a Tepco employee but they measured 279 microSv/h on the front window. If you are exposed to that level of radiation the total dose went over even the Japanese safety limit of “20 mSv” in only 3 days.


高濃度汚染車両、原発外に 東電、適切な管理怠る




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