Column of the Day: Why Japanese government conceals

They found strontium at two more different places in Yokohama.

Now they have measured strontium at three places in Total.

All of them are located just around the corner from my apartment.

It’s possibility that strontium is already everywhere around in Tokyo.

I went to Tokyo last weekend.

I visited Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan to have a pre-interview.

The interviewees have worked for National Geographic or Jiji ,

They have done great reports about Sarin terrorism and the Tokai village nuclear accident.

They met me because they were interested in my idea of “radiation refugees”.

They kindly offered me to help set up a new visa of “radiation refugee” in EU.

For the further interview, they are planning to meet me this Sunday again.

I need to clean my room before.

In the interview, they asked me what I think must be done.

I answered all honestly.

I answered:

I think all the Japanese must evacuate to Australia at the closest.

Then South Korean, Philippine people, Malay, Singaporian, Indonesian, West Coast, they all must evacuate and leave Japan empty except for pro-nuc mental cases.

UN, American army, etc will all have to build the front line of the radiation shield on the Japan island, to minimize the potential international risk.

No wonder Japanese race will lose their land. We will have to live like old Jewish. (Nika here – Iori refers to the millennia long Jewish Diaspora)

We can no longer eat sushi. All the Pacific Ocean will keep being contaminated until human-beings invent a technology to pick up melted nuclear fuel rods from miles deep in the ground.

Sure, the reporter called me unrealistic.

It even seems so to me.

However, I can not find any reason to deny it.

On the other hand, the Japanese government is so eager to conceal the fact.

US government seems to be helping it too.


It is also the core problem of this whole disaster.

The actual problem, which is as serious as radioactive contamination, is where to move the 30 million people from around Tokyo.

By counting all the rest of the Japanese and Asian people, the number will be billions.

Where to move them?

This is the core of the problem.

“Radiation refugee”

The countries to accept them are seriously needed.

We can never go back to before 3-10-11.

World has totally changed.

We must accept the fact.

  1. Hey Mochizuki,

    I absolutely aggree with your conclusion to draw from the current contamination detections in various cities on Honshu. The widespread contamination of your land is far worse then around Chernobyl, and we exactly remember the suffering from there in pictures as well as in names and numbers.

    It’s time for a brave Official to stand up and call all Citizens zu evacute. To preserve the japanese race. I have no doubt that this time will come, but it’s unclear how long officials will wait, how long they can disguise the whole mess, and how long the japanese public will accept this.

    I’m pretty sure the first pictures of malformed babies, which definately will come up and won’t be able to be kept secret, will be the gamechanger. It’s just 1-2 month to go.

    I appreciate your reportings here. And as stated above, I agree with your conclusion even 12.000km far away, just from combining the hard facts you can pickup here and there (Measurement Videos, and so on). TEPCO is the first Company worldwide that has rendered a whole country uninhabitable for decades. If the Shit can even be fixed.

    Fallout from a nuclear disaster is totally different from Atomic Bomb Fallout. It’s much worse. Atomic bombs release much of their fission Product very high into the Atmosphere. Also the radioactive inventory is not comparable. I doubt any place on Honshu can be cleaned to “quickly” like Nagasaki or Hiroshima.

    Aaah, what shall I say, it’s a mess. I think the world has to accept nuclear refugees and my Country (germany) should to that.

  2. Radioactive fuel rods…………

    ……….treat with flame from burning Brown’s Gas,

    to remove radioactivity.

    Drill toward the radioactivity, or coil tube down the corium-drilled hole, all remotely, then insert flame nozzle into corium cavity, and burn Brown’s Gas there until radioactivity magnitudinously reduced.

  3. Good luck, with help of the IAEA the lying goes on…

    Even here in Holland an anti-nuke politician (Diederik Samson) won’t get the seriousness of the situation and tweets that the situation is bad but only 15% of Chernobyl. He’s is an arrogant bastard who accuses Arnie Gunderson of not being relyable but gives no proof.

  4. 15 days<100ºC (H2O IN 24.6T/h): R1max=80C →; R2max=90C; R3max=90C
    1<100C since 8/20→ steam has (at least mostly) stopped→ Rad inside reactor building greatly reduced (2x-5x)
    IAEA: JP going forward very quickly & allocated necessary resources (legal, economl & tech) to develop efficient remediation program. impressive monitoring & mapping effort of JP Authorities, extensive, real-time monitoring & transparent online availability
    12 advices to JP for remediation/decontamination

  5. With comments like these, you have to be careful. Regardless of what you think, you have to formulate things to people will listen to you. Personally, I believe that if this isn’t controlled soon with a lot of effort and money, 99% of all Japanese will suffer terribly and perhaps even have to evacuate. But I know I can only say this to my spouse and be taken seriously.

    If you make the comment more “objective”, more people will believe you. If you say “Most people from eastern Japan will have to evacuate if this is not controlled”, it leaves a deeper impression.


    Displaced Japanese might come to Siberia – Medvedev

    As the nuclear crisis in Japan continues, the idea of inviting displaced Japanese people to work in Russia is gaining ground.

    The plan was initially suggested by Liberal Democrat leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the aftermath of last Friday’s earthquake.

    He painted the proposal in apocalyptic hues, warning that the very future of the Japanese nation was threatened by its vulnerability to natural disaster.

    But if his comments seemed like a typically clownish proposal, they have since been taken up by President Dmitry Medvedev.

    (More in the article)

  7. Even with the UN’s declaration of your rights most indigenous people actually have only one country that is home.

    If there are too many maniacs the inhabitants do not even have that.

  8. Maybe the government is dyslexic:they think they have an ″unclear″ issue, instead of nuclear!:)

  9. This post gave me chills!!! At the moment I saw reactor #3 blow I knew japan needed to be evacuated. The delay by governments has cost millions of lives already. How long before they face reality or will they allow your race to perish, I do not know. You and your family are welcome as refugees at my house for as long as you like. I live on the east coast USA and would provide you and your family safe habitation and food until I am broke and starving myself. Forget the visa nonsense and just get out of there.

  10. Many journalists have good intentions, but they are not the ones who decide on immigration policies.

    If European and American politicians realize how serious the situation is, they will change visa regulations for the worse.

    Don’t wait for a special category of “nuclear refugee” to be set up, because this may never happen. Most countries today don’t want ANY immigrants.

    You have to act quickly if you want to leave. DON’T WAIT.

    Especially people with children have to do everything they can to protect them. Doing everything includes — the parents themselves must stay alive and healthy so that their children are not orphans. Everybody please be aware of the danger and protect yourself as much as possible.

    1. Yes,I know.
      I heard someone sent back to Japan. The person was going to France but he didn’t have visa,and returting airplane ticket. The person actually tried to evacuate from Japan. This freaks me out..Once you got kicked out of a country,none of the country is going to accept you,which means you can never get a chance to leave here.What should I do..

      1. If you buy a return ticket, where the return is within 3 months, you should get your tourist visa once landed at the airport in France. Then you have to find a way to cancel your return getting other kinds of Visa: student, working, getting married with EU citizen etc.

        Anyway, now you should not get scared about leaving as it makes you stucking there and not acting. No time to waste, and yes you have to leave either you want or not. You can try doing it gradually, go to Okinawa first, then south east Asia or China. Also Taiwan is good for Japanese people and it is easy there to find a job as japanese teacher-if you check there are already offers…you can have a start with that, get experience in teaching language and then apply for jobs farer away. It would be less shocking and safer.

  11. You can’t tell the immigration officials that you are a nuclear refugee.

    Maybe later, if some countries accept them. But for now, the people at consulates and embassies don’t want to hear about it.

    You will eventually have to work, so look for places where you could work as an engineer (South America, incl. Brazil, may be the best) or as a Japanese language teacher (more possibilities, but you still have to solve the visa problem).

    IMPORTANT: At the border, you have to be cool and relaxed and say that of course you are a tourist.

    Keep in mind that it doesn’t even matter so much where you go first. It could be that you go to France, but then end up somewhere else.

    In the case of my country, we could travel anywhere in Europe until 1991. When the war started, European governments changed the regulations ***within three months*** and it was almost impossible to enter western Europe. I always did everything legally, but I never got residence (my spouse is now a EU citizen, so probably it will work out in the end).

    Many people like Japanese, so I hope and expect you will get luckier than I did, but you have to leave BEFORE everyone else does. Please remain calm so you don’t make mistakes and start seriously planning what to do and where to go RIGHT NOW.

    1. I mean, I never got permanent residence, even though I lived in Germany for seven years and finished high school there.

      1. PS

        Pay for a flight back to Japan even if you never plan on returning. If you have a ticket to go back, they will be more relaxed at the border. The main mistake that person did was not to have a ticket.

        I know you are an honest person. So am I, I hate lies. But this is not a fair game, and sometimes you will have to hide the truth in order to survive.

        1. Thank you,thank you ,thank you.
          “Pay for a flight back to Japan even if you never plan on returning.”>I was about to jump out without a returning ticket. 危ない危ない!

          1. Maybe you should get a return ticket not after 3 months, but after a year. You can tell them that you want to travel around the world.

            That way you can enter multiple countries with your return ticket.

            But I’m not completely sure what will make officials more comfortable, 3 months or a year, so this will require consideration.

            The good side is, so many good people want to help you!!! I am so glad because of it.

            1. Like you ? Now most of the embassies are not functioning fully in Japan. can’t even ask them. need to take some risk to en extent.
              maybe I need to leave my turtles at my friends’ place and will come back in 3 months so I won’t need to be in the jail with my turtles in the worst case.

  12. If you have a good friend who will take care of your turtles, that might be a good solution.

    You will certainly appear more suspicious to the authorities if you have your turtles with you at the border.

    I don’t want them to have health problems either, but you have to get out of Japan ASAP.

    Another way to do it is to try out France, and go to Romania after three months if France doesn’t work out immediately. Romania is relatively close (2-3 hours by plane), so if you want to go back to France, the trip from Romania will not be expensive. Romania is not in the Schengen zone, as we discovered, so I think that’s possible.

  13. Can one seek asylum or is it that asylees from nuclear disaters are automatically rejected due to guilty collusional governments.

    I tell you in England there are no end of immigrants and yet there has never ever been any democracy involved in the process.

    The British government policy is to provide employment only for immigrants,they do this to antagonise voters and to further their own careers.

    Which is strange and to the lay person makes no real sense.

  14. “The British government policy is to provide employment only for immigrants”

    This is no place to argue about it, but this is complete rubbish and borderline racist.

    Because of the British government’s obsession with biometrics, the UK is one of the most difficult countries to get legal residence in.

    If you want to know how “great” it is for so-called illegal immigrants in the UK, watch the film “Dirty Pretty Things” with organ trade and forced sex.

    The last thing in the world you want is overstaying your visa and being illegal in the UK.

  15. Those are the words of the local MP,that is the reality he works in.

    That’s the policy of the British government and that is what they are up to.

    You can rant and rave all you like but that peculiar policy remains.

  16. That’s not any European country’s policy.

    Instead of resorting to an ad hominem attack, you had better give a reference for your claim. Until then, it’s populist BNP stench.

  17. Hi Mochizuki,

    I just read a bit of your site for the first time. I agree with the people telling you to get out. Have you considered leaving to volunteer in another country?

    There is a website called “Work Away” that offers opportunities all over the world. I think there is a nominal fee to sign up, but it’s not expensive. Here is a link:

    Many people there are looking for help from people with different backgrounds than their own, to learn new languages and info about different cultures. Have a look, some of the placements sound almost like vacations. There should be some long term positions there as well.

    Also, there is a movement called “Woofing”. WOOF stands for willing workers on organic farms. This is basically working on a farm in exchange for somewhere to live and for organic food. Here’s the link:

    I thought it was just in North America, but it’s international. With woofing, you can stay for short periods and move from farm to farm, so if you don’t like one placement it’s not a big deal. Knowing where your food is coming from I am sure would be reassuring to you after all of this. I’m not up to date on how easy this is to do right now, given the economic situations in a lot of countries. It’s worth looking at though. A friend’s friend did this several years ago as a means to travel on the cheap.

    A final consideration, if you decide to go the travel route, see if you can get somewhere to couchsurf so you can save money. Volunteering somewhere would give you extra credibility though, and someone to vouch for you in the country you choose to visit. And a work reference. And, if you went somewhere that was animal friendly they could probably help you get the turtles out as well, after you arrived.

    Please do not wait for a mass evacuation call. It is horrible to consider, but there is a possibility such a call will not be made even if it is warranted.

    Good health and safe passage to you, and everyone you know, and the turtles too.

    Take care my friend,


  18. radiation refugees : You are so RIGHT !! Even if you think it is unrealistic, because the problem is so BIG, too big to believe it ; that’s why so many people just “put their heads into the sand” and Governments and most of the Media have gone silent, because they don’t have any solution, the disaster is surpassing them. And that’s just the BEGINNING. Another VERY BIG earthquake is in the making and will cause much damage, nuclear plants included…..
    Just get out as soon as possible !
    The idea of organising a shelter program all over the world is absolutely necessary. People have to be creative in order to save human lives, even in the millions. If Governments are not capable to take the right steps, then it is up to the people themselves.
    The world will never be the same again.

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