News: Cesium from children who evacuated to Kyoto

Evacuation within Japan does not save them enough.

It’s not far enough.

A family evacuated from Ibaraki → Tokyo → Kyoto (3/14~3/26, 7/30~8/27) had their children have urine test. (52,500JPY)

Children are 3 years old and 1 year old.

The family was very careful for food, and water. They did not give anything from Kanto area to their children.

They did not let them play outside as much as possible, and kept the windows closed. They do not hang clothes outside.


3 years old girl

  • Cesium-134 0.24 Bq/kg
  • Cesium-137 0.28 Bq/kg

1 year old boy

  • Cesium-134 0.40 Bq/kg
  • Cesium-137 0.50 Bq/kg

The urine was taken 9/7 and 9/16.
Measurement was 9/30 and 9/28.

The father says, there is nothing left he can do.

The dose will increase. This is really unacceptable.


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