Breaking News: All Japanese for Kamikaze

Japanese radiation advisory board is planning to raise the safety limit from 1 mSv/y to 20 mSv/y.

This includes both of external exposure and internal exposure.

Since Fukushima disaster, all the food and soil have been contaminated.

Not to let people evacuate from Japan, and to save domestic companies, Japanese government has raised the “safety” limit of food with no scientific basis.

Now to match all the “safety” limits of food, water, air, etc, Japanese government is required to raise the total dose limit per year as soon as possible.

Original 1 mSv/y is determined by WHO.

20 mSv/y is the safety limit of average nuclear workers in USA.

Though there is an issue of basic human rights, nuclear plant workers are paid and they accept the limit on their own choice.

However, Japanese people will be forced to be exposed to 20 mSv/y, including infants and children.

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