Bloody sneeze

As an actual Fukushima worker warned one month ago, they are finally recognizing pollen may be the biggest menace for internal exposure.

Pollen directly gets into your lungs, nostrils,and all around in your body. It causes severe internal exposure.

Japanese Forestry Agency has finally started evaluating the risk but it seems too late.

Annually, pollen starts flying from December on.

Because a nuclear accident on the scale of Fukushima has never happened before, there are no solid studies on pollen acting as a secondary dispersal agent from within the highly radioactive fallout zones to the rest of Japan and possibly the rest of the world.

However, according to the research conducted in last June by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japanese cedar leaves contained 177,600 Bq/Kg at that time.

Considering that there has been more fallout since last June, the radiation level may be even higher.

1850km2 (The entire area of Tokyo is 2187km2) area of Fukushima is covered with Japanese cedars.

The pollen flies further than hundreds of kilometers, (Tokyo is about 220km away from Fukushima plant), Tokyo is obviously in the firing range.

Contamination in the mountain / forest area is also serious because they can never decontaminate it.

When you sneeze, it may be already too late.


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