News: Inside of reactor 1

10/16/2011, Tepco admitted water vapor splashed (steam erupted) from underground and they measured 4.7Sv/h.

We managed to obtain further details.

Here is the location of the point.

This is how hell looks.

Infrared camera shows melted fuel is obviously out of the reactor.

Also, here it’s proved that spent fuel pool to contain MOX exploded at reactor 3.

It can be observed that the explosion happened at the spent fuel pool, blasted the wall of the south side to make a massive fire ball.

Through infrared camera, you can see scattered MOX.

MOX was set on the place, left top.


  1. I am so astounded that this is happening right this moment, this very day, this is ongoing NOW and people do not even know a thing in the world about it. Most folks have no clue where we are right now in this horrible catastrophe…those who even know about it do not realize nor comprehend the severity at all. This is shocking.

    1. I agree Christine, a horrible catastrophe is happening and most of the world does not know about it, not even the people of Japan. Absolutely insane.

  2. TEPCO Homer and Japan Government Marge in Bed

    TEPCO Chairmaniac Homer Simpson says “OOPS, we got 3 nuclear meltdowns while I was having my donut. Sorry about that, forgot to fix those problems listed in the fake safety reports years ago.” Japan Government Premiere Marge Simpson (in bed with Homer), says “Oh my gosh! Isnt that very dangerous?” TEPCO Homer Simpson: “Ha ha ha, not to us, because were nowhere near. Only those fools in northern half of Japan will have radiation.” Japan Government Marge: “Oh My? Isnt radiation very dangerous?” TEPCO Chairman Homer: “Its not dangerous at all if your not in northern half of Japan. HA HA HA.” Japan Government Marge: “Shouldnt we worry about all those citizens and kids with radiation all around?”. TEPCO Maniac Homer: “Well we already made our billions and your stupid government is repaying the billions we lost in Fuckushima, so who cares about those losers with radiation?” Japan Government Marge: “Yep, your right, who cares about all those stupic taxpayers, lets just rip them off for tax funds for you dear, and lets not tell them anything about this scary radiation accident.” TEPCO Charmaniac: “Yes, lets just keep this little sceret between us. Lets just tell them the radiation was just a tiny tiny little bit more than normal, and by the way, its not harmful anyway. We always say that lie. HA HA HA. Actually its 1,000,000 times more than we said, but those idiot citizens will never know. And even if they find out, who cares? We already bought off all the politicians.” Japan Government Marge: “Dear, why is that geiger counter in your briefcase with all that money making all that noise? I though you said we were safe here?” TEPCO Chairmaniac Homer: “Duh? OOPS.” as he dies of radiation sickness. Japan Premiere Marge: “Oh my, isnt that cute, TEPCRAPPO is killed by their own crappo. ha ha ha. Oops, whose going to give us all that bribe money now? Honey Tepcrappo, please wake up…”.

  3. She lives in Japan, and is in regular contact with her son by email. He lives elsewhere, but knows Japan well– likes the shopping. She often describes the amazing PR successes that have spun the world’s greatest physical catastrophe into a bothersome event now under control and that have lulled a technologically sophisticated nation into believing that fallout has been given a bad rap.
    It’s Sunday, six months into the disaster. He phones to say he plans to breeze through Tokyo next year to pick up luxury items not available in his boring home town. He has a solid science background. Hey, he’s a scientist with bells on. She knows the protocol, so indicates no surprise or alarm, but warmly offers to keep an eye out for boutiques that might appeal to his refined taste.
    After the call she makes a mental note to avoid email comments about how easily people have been duped. Mustn’t make waves.

  4. well, halfway there, and this confirms the pictures that was shown some months ago about the “corium” or Hotspots, and there is ongoing criticalitys(Ces 131), and its even messured in Tokyo.
    And consider this, the general windpattern is out from the Japan islands, and still there are messurments of Ces 131, so the only ligical conclsusion is that the amount of radioactive Isotops relised must be hughe, I cant imagine how mutsch, other than its massive.

    You know the Ces. 131, with a decay rate at 8 days.
    Something is wrong with this picture, I cant read it by the numbers alone, but the readouts inicate something massive is ongoing and extremly worrying.

    Still its way to litle and starting sreiously to be, to late.

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