8 years old girl has 2,915 Bq of Cesium

Fukushima local government made an innocent girl a radioactive material.

Minamisoma local government has finally published the result of WBC for 2,884 elementary and junior high school students.

They announced ONLY 274 of them had cesium-137, but the results about cesium-134 is concealed.

According to their trustworthy report, only 9 students had more than 20 Bq/kg, but data about cesium-134 is concealed.

The worst case was the 8 years old girl. She had:

  • Cesium-134: 1,192 Bq
  • Cesium-137: 1,723 Bq
  • Total: 2,915 Bq

No wonder they did not check other radioactive material, such as strontium or plutonium.


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