[Column] Even if the entire world was contaminated

Some of the readers say Fukushima DIary reports too much bad news, should feature more good news to take balance.
I think that’s true in a sense. However, nobody dies by missing good news. They may die if they are not informed of bad news.
but it doesn’t mean Fukushima Diary pushes despair.

Recently some of the readers say, now the entire world is already contaminated, there’s no place to go.
Actually, if you turn on a heater, the room gets warm. but no one keeps sitting on the stove for 1 hour.

It’s like a russian roulette, but I think we should do our best to live healthily.
Even if we do our best, we might pull the joker in the end. This is what they call fate.

However, giving all up even if you still have some room to improve is negligence of living a life.
Life is one irreplaceable thing.
You can take care about what to eat, where to live, and maybe you can move out of Japan if you really try. Write down all the ideas on paper, and we should try all of them from the top of the list.

This is the attitude of Fukushima Diary, which is slightly different from pushing despair.

Giving up your life is not heroic at all. Even if you lose your limbs, you still can bite. Even if you lose your sight, you still can smell. Even if you have only 1 second left to live, you still have 0.5 second to the halfway. Let your struggle talk.



  1. You have a goal. There is a lot of people out there that doesn’t know the extreme danger they are in. Way to much information was hidden with this disaster and chernobyl. Millions of people need awaken before it’s too late.

  2. I agree with you Iori. Your words will be historic peoetry and the courage that we all must have now…WE the ones that know must stick together!

    We have the science and we have experts, like Dr. Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gunderson, Yoichi Shimatsu, Michael Collins, Dr. Richard Wilcox PhD and you Iori!

    I have a plan– Let’s all meet in Chile and start a Farm and refuge for all those who know the truth and want to live!

  3. If you start to report good news you will just be another lieing, cheating. NHK or Yomuri or others.
    You do a vital job.
    You information is vital to lives of your readers and their families. If you don’t post which fish are contaminated or which vegetables are contaminated, we will kill ourselves. Armed with your information, we can struggle to survive.
    Thanks eternally….

  4. Edit news by priority. If something is a dangerous health risk, then it is a priority. Since you are the only one covering it with a few other websites, then it is not only a priority, it is a NEEDED priority. I think that ALL your news were priority. The world need to become aware of the dangers, not the opposite. There are enough good news coverage by NHK. You can’t compete with NHK. Don’t try, if you print good news, you will contribute to the brain washing and media black out.
    When health risks will be significantly reduce for some reason, I have no doubt that you will be happy to report it. But so far, it has not.

    You can edit something on each of your post.
    Something like: “This website is to fight against media black out. It is to make people aware of the on-going dangers of the ongoing contamination from the Fukushima reactor explosions, so that people can take appropriate actions to protect themselve and love ones.”

  5. What good news? This is Fukushima Diary, not NBC or local newspaper. If you want entertainment, go elsewhere.

  6. Some examples of good news that you could feature:

    -Stories about your own health and well-being
    -Little notes on how you are experiencing traveling and living abroad (as you have been doing)


    -Stories about people who plan to leave Japan
    -Stories about Japanese “refugees” who settle abroad and how they’re coping with it
    -Stories about nuke plants getting shut down worldwide
    -Stories about successful anti-nuke protests and projects

  7. since 25 years i practice aikido here in europe – hayashi sensei (shizentaido) teached me all this time. His teacher, Tada Hiroshi Sensei, age of 83 years now (with all respect!!!) teaches us europeans once a year for three weeks in swiss and italy. He is one of the very great persons still alive who know many things which »normal« people do not know…
    Concerning Fukshima he just spoke one short sentence. Concerning how to handle illness, disease and death he spoke one week: Clear your mind, avoid inner enemys and never forget to breathe deeply. He still lives in Tokyo and I think he never questiones it.
    Other teacher: Tsuboi Kajo Sensei – Kiryuho – also teaches in europe once every fourth year(thank you!!!). He spoke half an hour about people in Tokyo and contamination and intensively how afraid all the people he meets are. Contamination is one. Beeing afraid is second. Together it kills people.
    His words when we said goodbye were »never forget your wings, my friend…«
    Yes, it is all very sad and dangerous, but we are lost when we forget our wings. It is a question of state of mind. Maybe the rest of (nuclear) world should watch japanese people how to handle this… there is much to learn, and we in our semi-perfect europe??? Who knows how much time is left to need those abilities: A state of mind to survive.
    Hope we never need it!!!!

  8. Dear friend;

    It seems that western coast of Japan is actually LESS contaminated than

    the western coast of the USA (specially Alaska, British Columbia,

    Washington, Oregon and Northen California).

    Actually, what people in those areas should do?

    Well, if they’re unemployed (or half-employed), they should migrate to

    places like CHILE, PERU, ARGENTINA were there is almost NO nuclear power.

    I wonder, what would happen to FLORIDA if an HURRICANE strikes the

    nuclear power station in TURKEY POINT, FLORIDA (25 miles south to MIAMI)

    It is better a simpler poorer life than a radioactive life, when You

    have to use your wealth to cure cancer!

    Giancarlo Rossi (aka REDTURTLE)

    1. That’s good news for somebody… and very bad news for other!

      (Yet if your criminally murderous japanese government forces You

      in the westerno coast of Japan to eat fish, meat and vegetables

      from the polluted eastern coast, I will think it is not so good news…)

      Giancarlo Rossi

  9. Might be a good time to push for more development of technology like this in Japan: http://www.netc.no/netc/archives/607

    From the article:

    “Scientists in Japan and Norway are actively pursuing practical ways of generating electricity from the difference in salinity between seawater and fresh water.

    The process goes by several names, including salinity gradient power and osmotic power. But whatever the name, it is a dream type of renewable energy, inexhaustible and unaffected by the weather, unlike solar power and wind power.

    Natural, renewable energies have a bad reputation for being both costly and inefficient, so there is a lot of hope riding on the practical development of osmotic power generation.

    The technology is especially suitable for Japan, given the enormous length of coastline the nation boasts.”

  10. There is a product called BIOSUPERFOOD that reverses effects of radiation exposure. Study this for yourself and get some if you are so inclined. Please pass the word. This is something good that we can do for ourselves and each other.

  11. Keep on doing what your heart directs, education is far more important than entertainment. Our governments do not inform us of the situation so you are performing the service we would expect from our societies and their leaders. They do not care so we must do our best – Thank You.

  12. Don’t change a thing you’re doing. In America, we have a majority of indulged, entitled people who are brainwashed with organized religion and consumerism, inclined to waste their lives only on vanity and status. Thoughts of wildlife, our planet, fates of others, are meaningless. I despair to hear much of Europe is the same. If you look in the right places, you will find evidence that we are being observed from above the ionosphere. We have become a threat to the galaxy. The travellers who beget the Annunaki may be having second thoughts. Evidence also exists that this is not the first time this has happened. While I realize this doesn’t help, in a peculiar way perhaps it will lend you some comfort. If the evil powers that are destroying us gave a damn, all reactors would have been entombed in casings infused with lead ages ago. But then who would give the queen money for the ore in all her uranium mines?

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