North Korea is ready to launch extended range ballistic missile by the end of November

On 11/22/2012, US government reported to the governments of Japan and South Korea that North korea is possibly preparing to launch extended range ballistic missile.

According to the governmental staff of US, Japan and South Korea, possible missile parts were transfered from the arms factory in Pyongyang to the assembly facility of the missile launching site in Pyeonganbuk-do and Tongch’ang-ri in early November.

The observed parts look like the extended range ballistic missile which North Korea launched last April.

In April, they took 20 days to launch after transferring. It’s presumed they will be ready to launch by the end of November.

On 11/15/2012, North Korea had a speech in the United Nations General Assembly to state that they were going to launch application satellite like they did one month before the last attempt of launching the missile.


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Français :

La Corée du Nord sera prête à lancer un missile balistique longue portée à la fin du mois de novembre

Le 22 novembre 2012, le gouvernement américain a rapporté aux gouvernements nippons et de Corée du Sud que la Corée du Nord est probablement en train de préparer le lancement d’un missile balistique à longue portée.

Selon les équipes gouvernementales américaine, japonaise et sud-coréenne, de éléments de missiles ont probablement été transférées des usines d’armements de Pyongyang aux unités d’assemblage des sites de lancement de Pyeonganbuk-do et Tongch’ang-ri début novembre.

Les éléments observés ressemblent à ceux des missiles balistiques à longue portée que la Corée du Nord avait lancés en avril dernier.

En avril, ils avaient pris 20 jours pour le lancer après ces transferts. On suppute qu’ils seront prêts au lancement vers la fin du mois de novembre.

Le 15 novembre 2012, La Corée du Nord avait fait un discours lors de l’Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies affirmant qu’ils allaient lancer une application satellite comme celle qu’ils avaient faite un mois avant leur dernière tentative de lancement de missile.


Article lié : La Corée du Nord avait mentionné en 2007 la possibilité d’attaquer une centrale nucléaire japonaise



La Corea del Nord è pronta a lanciare un grosso carico di missili balistici entro la fine di Novembre

Il 22/11/2012 il governo degli Stati Uniti ha comunicato ai governi del Giappone e della Corea del Sud che la Corea del Nord sta probabilmente preparando il lancio di un grosso carico di missili balistici.

Secondo lo staff governativo degli Stati Uniti, del Giappone e della Corea del Sud, quelle che presumibilmente erano parti di missili sono state trasferite dalla fabbrica di armi di Pyongyang all’impianto di montaggio del sito dedicato al lancio dei missili a Pyeonganbuk-do e Tongch’ang-ri nei primi di Novembre.

Le parti in questione sembravano far parte del grosso carico di missili balistici che la Corea del Nord ha lanciato questo Aprile.

Ad Aprile ci sono voluti 20 giorni per il lancio a seguito del trasferimento. Presumibilmente, quindi, saranno pronti al lancio entro la fine di Novembre.

Il 15/11/2012 la Corea del Nord ha tenuto un discorso all’assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite, dichiarando che erano sul punto di lanciare un satellite, come avevano fatto un mese prima l’ultimo tentativo di lancio di missili.

Articolo correlato: La Corea del nord ha menzionato la possibilità di attaccare un impianto nucleare giapponese nel 2007





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4 Responses to “North Korea is ready to launch extended range ballistic missile by the end of November”

  1. Greyhawk says:

    The North Korean missiles have been blowing up so often they are more of a threat to North Korea itself. So far. Looks like even China dose not want North Korea to have working missiles. I hope this trend continues.

  2. pat b says:

    it’s not a big deal.

    North Koreas’s economy continues to spiral downward.

    At some point, North Korea will just cease functioning.

    THey are sort of like what the Space Nazis on the moon base would be like.

    Cutoff from trade, ideas, concepts, and slowly getting out of touch with a
    dynastic ruler. 4 Generations of Kims have slowly mismanaged the country into the ground.

    Whenever people figure this out, it will be the end.

  3. Intel Agent says:

    They are a righteous country, they are feared and well, well armed. Goddamned more righteous than japan,UK,Canada usa. May cowards fear a well armed north Korea for eternity. RESPECTABLE CUNTREE!!!

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