[Japanese Rearmament] Abe “Rebuild military and set up a national security council against China”

Now Japan has self defense force, but it’s not supposed to be military. However, the potential next prime minister declared he’s going to rebuild military of Japan when his party comes back to power. This is a huge difference.

<Quote> [Japan times]
The hawkish Abe also introduced a plan to set up a national security council at the prime minister’s office to beef up Japan’s defense and security amid an escalating territorial spat with China over some islands in the East China Sea. He said the LDP will strengthen the coast guard around the disputed islands that Japan calls Senkaku and China calls Diaoyu.

Abe, a staunch supporter of the Japan-U.S. security alliance, renewed his call for a revision to Japan’s war-renouncing constitution to allow Japanese troops to defend American troops in case of foreign attacks on Japan.

He claimed he would fix a Japan-U.S. alliance that Noda damaged and would strengthen Japan’s diplomacy “to protect the people’s lives, territory and the beautiful sea.”



Français :

[Réarmement du Japon] Abe : “Reconstruire l’armée et monter un conseil national militaire contre la Chine”

Maintenant, le Japon dispose de sa propre force d’auto-défense mais elle n’est pas supposée être militaire. Toutefois, le probable prochain premier ministre a déclaré qu’il allait reconstruire l’armée du Japon dès que son parti reviendra au pouvoir. C’est une sacrée différence.

<Citation> [Japan times]
Le dur Abe a aussi introduit un plan pour constituer un Conseil National de Sécurité dans les bureaux du premier ministre pour renforcer la défense japonaise et la sécurité en pleine prise de bec territoriale grandissante avec la Chine à propos de quelques îles de l’Est de la mer de Chine. Il a dit que le LDP (son parti) renforcera la garde frontalière autour des îles contestées que le Japon nomme les Senkaku et la Chine les Diaoyu.

M. Abe, un loyal supporter de l’alliance de sécurité Japon-U.S.A., a renouvelé son appel à une révision de la constitution japonaise de renoncement à la guerre pour permettre aux troupes japonaises de défendre les troupes américaines en cas d’attaque extérieures contre le Japon.

Il affirme qu’il va réparer l’alliance Japon-U.S.A. que Noda a dépréciée et qui devrait renforcer la diplomatie japonaise pour “protéger la vie des gens, les territoires et sa mer magnifique.”

Ajout de la traductrice :
Selon l’article du Japan Today reportant ces mêmes déclarations, il dit aussi :

<Citation> [Japan Today]
Reflecting the party’s generally pro-nuclear power stance more than 18 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Abe said the LDP would make a decision within three years about whether to restart idled nuclear power plants.

Reflétant la position généralement pro-nucléaire de son parti plus de 18 mois après la catastrophe nucléaire de Fukushima, M. Abe dit que le LDP prendra une décision d’ici trois ans sur la question du redémarrage des centrales nucléaires arrêtées.



[Corsa al riarmo in Giappone] Abe: “Ricostruire l’esercito e creare un consiglio sulla sicurezza nazionale contro la Cina”

Ora il Giappone ha le forze di autodifesa, ma non dovrebbero essere militari. In ogni caso il potenziale prossimo primo ministro ha dichiarato che riunirà la forza militare giapponese quando il suo partito tornerà al potere. Questa è una grossa differenza.

<Citazione> [Japan Today]

Il duro Abe ha anche introdotto anche un piano per creare un consiglio sulla sicurezza nazionale nell’ufficio del primo ministro, per rinforzare la difesa e la sicurezza Giapponese nel mezzo di un battibecco sul territorio con la Cina che va peggiorando a proposito di alcune isole nel mare ad est della Cina. Ha detto che l’ LDP fortificherà la guardia sulle coste intorno alle isole contese che il Giappone chiama Senkaku e la Cina Diaoyu.

Abe, un convinto sostenitore dell’allenza nippo-americana, ha rinnovato la sua richiesta di rinnovo della costituzione giapponese di rinuncia alla guerra per permettere alle truppe giapponesi di difendere le truppe americane in caso di attacco al Giappone dall’esterno.

Ha dichiarato che avrebbe sanato l’alleanza USA – Giappone che Noda ha danneggiato e che avrebbe rinforzato la diplomazia giapponese per “proteggere le vite delle persone, il territorio e il bel mare”.


  1. What a waste of time and resources! Japan needs all energies focused in solving (or rather patching, containing) Fukushima contamination and restoring a deeply declining economy (a problem stemming from earlier but no doubt aggravated by the catastrophe and mismanagement).

    Anyhow… who is Japan going to declare war to: China? To what purpose: a bunch of rocky islands? Is there even a plan behind? When Japan went imperialistic 80 years ago they had a plan: one of getting colonies, resources and semi-slave peoples. Now what’s the plan: kicking the can a few months more with the excuse of those islands?

    That’s NOT a plan at all.

    1. Agree that Japan’s greatest enemy is itself, more specifically the nuclear mura. Money should be spent instead to defeat the nuclear mura, provide health care to TEPCO’s victims, clean up Northern Japan, and build solar/wind/water plants.

      However, regarding your question about attacking China, I doubt this is Japan’s intention. A stronger military (one with nukes, drones, microwave weapons, cyber warriors, etc) would serve more as a deterrent, making it much more expensive for China to attack Japan, greatly altering the cost/benefit calculation that an aggressive, land-grabbing country would consider before launching its own attack on Japan.

      This bigger Japan military could even be staffed by old women and old men if Abe wanted it; grandma can learn to fly drones from the comfort of her armchair almost as well as a 24 year old man, if you get her a big screen monitor and a comfy joystick. And grandpa grew up in tech; it wouldn’t be too difficult to teach him to hack enemy computers as a cyber warrior when he takes time off from handicapping the ponies at the JRA. The buildup would be about the gear and the headcount (grey heads included).

      Of course Japan can’t afford it, and diplomacy would be so much cheaper, but when has money ever stopped a government from doing something monumentally stupid.

    2. The plan is fascism of a more obvious form. China is only part of that. The crushing of the Japanese spirit is only getting started. The TPP, which institutes a Pax Americana corporate system for Asia, is an example of what they will shoot for. It goes without saying that discussing radiation in a serious way will be anti-state activity. Complaining about GM foods will be something that no-one who values being employed will dare to do. You get the idea.

  2. This man will restart secretly nuclear activities for supposedly secret military purposes. He might officially delay the restart of nuclear plants for public opinion but will “guide”all the “necessary” actions to fulfill his familly’s aims and traumas. He knows very well China. It can be through the sacrifice of his own homeland, of his own economy. Japanese wake up and get informed on this man! Don’t let him any power, you’d be desperate for this one day.

  3. “to protect the people’s lives, territory and the beautiful sea.”
    Finally Japan has a leader that will:
    1. evacuate all women and children from Tokyo, and instead of forcing people to live in contaminated places (most of Tohoku, Kanto) with the ‘support the return’ policy, and instead adopt the most sensible LETS WELCOME EVACUEES TO OUR SAFE PREFECTURE policy (“to protect the people’s lives”)…
    2. Yes I can see little Japan definitely beating mighty China with the help of bankrupt America like in the Georgian/Russian war…if Japan can manufacture enough hair gel for the young conscripts who read magizines in convenience stores (“to protect territory”)
    3. And definitely no foreign fishing boats will touch Japan’s beautiful sea after they find out that even taking one bite of any of Japan’s glowing fish…will kill them. Hahaha! (“to protect the beautiful sea.”)
    Oh wait a minute…wasn’t he the crying guy with supposed health problems, who gave up when nobody liked him and everybody around him was involved in corruption scandals? Can’t be the same guy??

  4. It seems a really expensive task, with ambitious goals; maybe it would have been nice for another era of the ‘Japanese miracle’, not right now.

  5. china has 10X the population of Japan,

    China has a bigger economy.

    China has a massive manufacturing base.

    China has no external debt but rather a surplus.

    China has a trade surplus.

    China has an internal debt.

    China has 100 million surplus males

    The Japanese population is aging.

    The Japanese government is swimming in debt.

    The Japanese military is very small.

    Japan has a trade deficit.

    Japan has very few military age males.

    China probably would wish japan would militarize hard.

    1. Japan’s military is not “very small”, quite the contrary. Spending on the military and American weapons systems is big.

      But another point, it’s not just China they face overseas, it’s also Russia, the technically still-at-war neighbor to the north that is keeping its Eastern Fleet battle ready.

      1. CHina has 20 times the number of active troops



        half the budget as both cash and GDP. Can Japan divert 1% of GDP to Military? Not really, not without
        even more pain given their lousy economy.

        Japan has 300 aging Fighters F-2, F-15, F-4 and is purchasing 42 F-35s.

        Decent enough to defend their air space, but nothing for mixing it up over the South China Straits, etc.

        China has 1400 fighters and 150 or so bombers with 500 modern fighters.

        Now the Chinese navy doesn’t have a lot of surface combatants, they are kind of at parity there, but, for force projection, Japan is pretty limited.

        Now Time mostly works on China’s side. Japan is going to be way more in debt in another 2-3 years and the Fukushima incident will be really weighing hard on their economy by then.

        Now Frankly China is stupid to mix it up with Japan anyways. If they are going to do anything, what they
        should do, is start sending large numbers of chinese “Tourists” to Taiwan, send 10,000 fit young Newlyweds there for the lunar holiday have them quietly spread around to provide on the ground information, and provide a 5th column and quietly seize passenger airliners and quietly plan a military invasion using tourists, passenger airlines, ferry boats, and cargo ships followed up by a fast wave of assault boats from the mainland hitting the main military bases and military airports along with a wave of fighters, cruise missiles and d-5 missiles into the Headquarters and command bases.

        Hit fast, have 5th columnists come out of nowhere, and avoid destroying commercial, technical, scientific facilities. It’s sort of like Tet only it adds in a marine assault.

        WIth lots of insurgents providing intel on ground facilities, they can almost laser designate hard points for aerial hit.

        Do that grab taiwan, claim it’s part of China anyways, and make it Fait accompli before the US Navy can show up.

        It wouldn’t work on Japan, but Japan can’t match China militarily, so, call it a day

      2. Putin has been trying very hard to get peace with Japan. He wants to give back the islands in exchange for massive development of Siberia for gas pipelines and other things. He wants to use the current and future Japanese anti-China stance for leverage. As usual, the powers behind the throne in Japan are sabotaging things. Probably the biggest of these powers is the US. And the current problems with China have DC written all over them. After all, Governor Ishihara started the whole mess by going to DC for some meetings and coming out saying he wanted the government of Tokyo to buy the islands. Those he answers to knew what they were doing.

  6. Quote :

    ” …. Reflecting the party’s generally pro-nuclear power stance more than 18 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Abe said the LDP would make a decision within three years about whether to restart idled nuclear power plants… ” …

    They need three more years to decide to Continue the destruction of Japan ???

    This is sureal , who are those people ?!

    Here is a Real Leader , Daniel :


  7. Japan MAY use their military to do just what they tried back then, think about it, now more than then they NEED resources, theirs are irradiated, they NEED to colonize-their land is irradiated. Scary thoughts, I don’t know how true this may or may not be, but I don’t like the idea of a militaristic Japan. Or the U.S.

    1. Don’t give it a second thought. The Japanese today would not follow their leaders into any foreign military adventure for resources such as was the case in the early 20th century. They are much better informed about the outside world today. And they know their emperor is not a god. And they have for years had very low approval ratings for their leaders.

      That said, it would be a fool who would try to invade Japan. The Japanese love their country perhaps more than any other nation, as it is the only place in the world where their culture and language exist on any scale. Japanese people would defend the Japanese homeland to their last breath.

  8. One of the few Amercian in Nankin, December 1938, wrote during the Nankin massacre: ” Victory for the Japanese army but judging it from the moral law it is a defeat and a national disgrace – which will hinder cooperation and friendship with Chian for years to come.

    Any more than 4 years old Chinese girl or more taken by the Japanese were crying “Gin ming” passing by her, “save us”. In 3 years, the young Japanese girls which are more sensitive to radiation will be crying “tasukete”, “help”.

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