150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted

150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted 20

150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted 21


The protest of 7/6/2012 was interrupted by police from the beginning.

Because police shut down the exits, people were stuck underground. The organizer commented 150,000 people joined, police stated  21,000 people joined. [Link]

Protesters tweeted like these below,,


<Translate>(I retweeted the original)

can’t get out of the subway station “Kokkaigijidomae (= in front of National Diet)”. Police shut down all the exits except for just one. It’s completely under control. but people are yelling against restart of nuclear plants underground.




<Translate>(I retweeted the original)

It’s too huge to go to official residence! This is beyond the protest in front of official residence, but is the protest in the center of national center.




<Translate> (Journalist)

I’m in front of official residence. There are more than 100,000 people. Police blockaded the public street in front of Member of the House of Representatives meeting place to violate the right of petition.




150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted


At “Kokkaigijidomae (= in front of National Diet)” station. Police is blockading the exits for the reason that outside is too full. People are arguing with police.





Riot police made the “breakwater” in front of official residence by using 6 cars to prevent people from joining. However, people are yelling “No restart” like a storm. It’s started raining hard.





Police is shutting down the exits of subway station one after one, people are stuck underground to come late. They can’t get out, platform and ticket gates are full like Sushi, women are screaming. Cabinet of Noda is trying to oppress the voice of people. It was really dangerous today.





just back from in front of official residence. Today I got out of the exit No.4 of Kokkaigijidomae (= in front of National Diet) station (Only exit No4 was open.) but it was so full of people, took me so much time to get out. Police shut down other exits for security, people couldn’t get out to come late. From next time, maybe they should walk from further stations.




150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted 5


The streetlights were turned off, maybe it was for that reason? > Maybe government doesn’t want us to take the picture of “official residence surrounded by people” never again. It had that much impact.





I think a lot of people were irritated today. Subway exits were blockaded by police, the queue was made long, finally arrived at Kasumigaseki (government district) but kept on the corner of the sidewalk. However, people kept yelling “No restart”. It was raining hard but they didn’t stop.



↓ People protesting underground space

protest 7/6



↓ Police stopping people trying to get out

150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted 6



↓ Subway station 30 minutes before the protest ended

protest 7/6 2








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13 Responses to “150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted”

  1. #:'( says:

    police will join them soon and protect the people there is no stopping it they âre learning the truth the people will soon shout your name in the street Iori the true emporer of japan the man of truth he holds japan in his careing hand above his own life god bless Iori for his bravery a true samerai ,,,

  2. jec says:

    This is tragic. Those police who stopped the subway riders –their families should be ashamed. Police should become sick and not go to work.

  3. alright! says:


    I live in Washington, D.C. and there was national
    coverage of the protests in Japan regarding the Ohi
    re-start. So, it is getting out there in some way,
    although not as dramatically as you would hope!


  4. johaneko says:

    Japan is a sick country, with a sick administration and police. Even the justice system is rotten. Moreover, the Japanese public (seken) is a fascist system. Is there any cure? I guess, no.

  5. Felicity says:

    The government is resorting to some pretty dirty tactics in order to restrict the growing numbers of protesters. Cutting the street lights to stop photos of the event is a desperate move and not something they are likely to get away with twice. Keep it up Tokyo-ites! You do us proud!

  6. gaijinwife says:

    The police are just doing their job. Wouldn’t be a real protest without a lot of police presence. I imagine a lot of them feel the same way as the protestors anyway. I think protesters will get more creative. This wont end anytime soon. Its too important for us in Japan. I wish it would spread to Friday night at the government office in every prefecture, city and town.

  7. justinian says:

    excellent story

  8. ThomasT says:

    Its TOO BLOODY LATE to protest, its already HAPPENED. Wakey, wakey.

    Why didnt you protest when you noticed Fuku. was not built on a nearby hill, but at sea level, and without a decent height sea wall??

    Where were you investigative reporters then? Why were they not asking Qs about Govt. regulator and tepco collusion to allow this??

    Lets also have a few placards for those failed reporters.

    They can go to the Antarctic to investigate the mating habit of the penguin, but they cant see that you will be nuked at home by corruption, and a couldnt care less attitude. Maybe the reporters training school should have a new syllabus that includes…When you see something that doesnt make sense, have the gonads to ask Qs.

    What a daft idea to protest now!!!

  9. Gary says:

    It’s about time the japanees people stood up for themselve’s,the government don’t care if you die!

  10. bill porterfield says:

    Uh, let’s not bash the investigative reporters covering this.
    Way to go Japanese. You are just the ones to shut this sick nuclear racket down for good. Show the puppets how you feel about nuclear’s “permanent radiologic terrain contamination” and the nuclear assault on our health.

  11. Eli says:

    Very typical of the officials to try and keep something they don’t like under wraps; to try to hide & silence the voice of growing outrage and opposition. Most governments do this that’s just the way they operate. It’ll be interesting to see how far the Japanese police will go to follow their orders.

    Seeing all those people coming together to speak out against the horrors of nuclear energy gives me hope for my species… it’s a long time coming really. I also hope that the Japanese protests are signs of more to come in OTHER countries as well. There needs to be MASS, worldwide protests. It’s time the for international community (those of us who’re sane and place LIFE OVER PROFIT) show solidarity with the Japanese because their problem is everyone’s problem.

  12. Mark of the Wild West says:

    This is real bad, and we here on Pacific coast are sweatin’ it as well. I don’t know why you all haven’t evacuated the Island yet… There’s plenty of room in the USA or the South Americas you could all start colonies so your culture will remain intact… you got to move or perish.

    Yes, it’s time to think like that, The bad is getting worse and won’t ever quit. The authorities have lost. Best Wishes…

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