Column of the Day: We can’t go back to sleep

Speaking the right thing is hard because they criticize.

I was praised today.

“amateur web site promoting baseless fear mongering.Hang your head in shame.”

I think this person wanted to mean he can not find my posts on TV.

Maybe he thinks that’s baseless because TV does not report it. or maybe news paper.

This morning,before Tepco announced about the acute leukemia,we were talking about how to deal with the contaminated soil,how to protect us from strontium,and also tried to figure out what the camera guy tried to mean on Twitter.

On the other hand,TV broadcast the show all about your armpit hair,at least for 1 hour.

Which one do you think is rational ?

I was a believer of traditional media until 311.

However,it didn’t take me more than a day to change my mind.

Now the main stream of news is Twitter and other SNS on the internet.

It’s difficult to sense the truth out of junk information.

Maybe that’s why they hate it,because they can’t distinguish truth and lie,because they are stupid.

They have been relying on mass media like spoon feed for too long. They can not wake up anymore.

We can not go back to sleep anymore.

In a car park near JCO,nuclear fuel processing company,they found a radioactive waste,which has 300 bq/kg of cesium.

However,the “safe” limit of food,which is served for elementary school students for sure,is 500 bq/kg.

This is pure madness. Japanese government is trying to kill us all.

but I know it would happen in other countries too,such as US,France,England,etc..

That is why we need to be help each other internationally.

I hope you will use my posts as weapon to fight against the evil.

I personally hope someone from the hacker group anonymous will help us.

I heard they are the believers of freewill and basic human rights.

Now Japan is where those are most abused.

Help us. Attack and collapse the gov.

Prayer for the dead Fukushima worker.

  1. Don’t let them intimidate you. I know you are posting facts and rumors mixed, and know to pick the grain of truth. The official sources are biased, and you may be biased too. Yet both sides are important to paint a complete picture. I’m glad I found your page (a few weeks ago, linked from enenews) and I wish you the best!

  2. When Fukushima nuke plants were build, they dug 20m down that land was 30m above the water. That’s why they got major damage from tsunami.
    Well,they got damage from earth quake and tsunami damage was secondary but yet, when I saw this TV program I was wondered if they were already planed for genocide in Fukushima?
    When you see the list of radiation leak from Rokkasyo recycle plant on
    Wikipedia you’ll surprise how much higher amount of radiation from radioactive wastes are drained to the ocean leak to the air it’s just

  3. Again,

    I would like to tell you that I think your blog is very important. I am sorry if I made my last statement/comment too long or said something you did not like. It was not my intention.

    I think what you are doing for the local people is very important and I read your blog every day.

    Do not listen to the people that say NO, they could be gov. or tempco shills.

    Listen to your heart. Listen to your neighbors, listen to the children.

  4. Dear Mochizuki

    I know its no consolation, but I want to say this anyway: You are not alone. I feel as if I am having a nightmare and unable to wake up from it. All has chnaged and the future is uncertain for all of us. I pray for all of you. Tania Madeleine

  5. Please do not give up. Keep going. Your work is one of the most important at this time. We need you to keep writing. Thank you for your insight and help.

  6. Iori-san,

    Give yourself a timeframe. 6 months, 9 months, a year. It seems some Japanese people are waking up to reality, like those who were protesting in Tokyo. Someone already said it, but I’ll say it again. Change might come to your government, but not through hackers. It almost always comes from within.

    So, if you don’t see any change in the timeframe you set, run. Apply for jobs in other countries and see if you can get a yourself a sponsored work visa. With your English skills, you have a very good chance of getting one. Do your best to set up a network of people who can help the Fukushima people.

    I know you want to see Japan change for the better, but you must understand that government is usually the slowest to change because it responds to the people.

    Think about it.. and don’t make yourself a big target with these calls for anarchy!


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