Settlement report 4/18/2012

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Today I added some changes for the donation buttons. Now I can accept donations from 0.50 USD!

Because I was making my travel plan until 4:30 AM last night, I got a headache today and didn’t do any other things than working today. lol I haven’t decided where to go after this summer.

Web journalists who I know of are becoming sick one after one. Vomit, fever, diarrhea, pain in the chest etc.. mostly they are in Chiba but even people in Kyushu show the same symptoms. It’s rare to have stomach flu in this season.

If it’s because of radiation, even if you get recovered, you’ll soon have another health problem. Your body is destroyed, can’t be fixed. That’s the scary point of radiation.

Recently I hear more news like US or Russia are trying to offer international help for Fukushima. This is what I hoped last year. I actually aimed at it when I started FD to take their international support . However, now that I read the journal of NRC, I don’t even count on them. They won’t have a clue either. I find it too optimistic to call Fukushima a crisis. It’s not even a crisis. It’s over.

I’m afraid that they try to take more control over immigration if UN puts Fukushima under its control though they can’t even do anything. They will start even worse media blackout. then, I’d have to crawl into Fukushima with my laptop..

I heard the news that Russia and China were asked to accept 40 million immigration from Japan. I personally think that story is likely but I felt like there was a confusion at some point so I didn’t post it.

Oh now a news reporter showed this mutated dandelion in the TV show “Morning bird” of TV asahi. 2 flowers from one huge stem. 20 of them are growing close to each other in Tokyo. Maybe the dandelions were stressed. The TV show is asking for more pictures of mutated plants. I guess they read FD.


At last, today Tepco did another meaningless research to look around the water leakage point in torus room of reactor 2 because the water level was 60cm supposedly. Of course they couldn’t find anything. Tepco’s spokes man said, “if they can hear the sound of water, it may be near the water leakage point.” lol

Total dose of human : 0.28 mSv

Total dose of robot : 186 mSv

Highest radiation level : 120 mSv/h (North west corner)

Settlement report 4/19/2012Settlement report 4/19/2012 2

↑ Suppression chamber

Tepco assumed the water was leaking from the torus room. but the robot ran above the torus room to check the water wasn’t coming up from the manhole on the top of the room. In short, they didn’t check anything so I didn’t post it. They will release the video tomorrow but it will be meaningless as well. Water might be leaking from the bottom of torus room or maybe from container vessel directly.

torus robot

Good night.

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  1. Yes, someone needs to hurry down and tell those dandilions to chill out! Sheesh. If only they would smile more. I love your sarcasm, Lori.

  2. Russia had a ship with humanitarian aid the day after 311 and I understand Japanese refused assistance. United States sent aid and 17 soldiers had high radiation exposure because they delivered emergency supplies in region of Fukushima NPPs… when the Marines got the radiation readings, they moved their ship further off shore and issued evacuation orders to US workers, many left Japan, and they advised Japan evacuate an 80km area immediately. J-Gov and Tepco did not take that advice.

    The Japanese refusal for all kinds of assistance is confusing to many non-Japanese. Especially allowing so many children to be exposed.

    The Russian report in was mostly a recap of news. The idea that the Russians were shocked to find out that Japanes Govt entertained evacuation of 40 million is not at all unreasonable. PM admitted this was discussed… is the reason why he was pushed out of office. He leaned toward larger evacuation zone, entertained evacuation of Tokyo. If Tohoku region and Tokyo were discussed as possibly being evacuated, that could easily reach 40 million. Inhabiting islands is a possibiity. Internet social media, ghost cities of China were considered, who knows if J-gov considered. But I don’t think the story was so ridiculous or impossible that warranted your deleting it. I think it’s plausible.

  3. So sad… When they first covered the earthquake on CNN and US TV 24/7, there was some great footage of the Japanese families—just millions of nice-looking, I mean really HANDSOME, smart, sophisticated, and sweet as can be people in a state of shock and displacement. I’ve never been anywhere near Asia, so it was interesting to see more of such a relatively “closed off” society on public TV. And I so admired seeing such nice families all pulling together and being so brave, in spite of such a ridiculous situation with no decent warning whatsoever!

    It reminded me a bit of the BP oil spill disaster recently inflicted on generations near the Gulf coast. And I know that the Japanese did not hesitate to donate very generously to the many victims of the Katrina Hurricane a few years ago…

    So, it begs the question, why aren’t we doing more to HELP OUT, in turn???…
    I’ve been very, very concerned and thank FD for covering this ongoing cataclysmic international disaster.

  4. “I heard the news that Russia and China were asked to accept 40 million immigration from Japan. I personally think that story is likely but I felt like there was a confusion at some point so I didn’t post it.”

    You were right not posting that story. Anything coming from Sorcha Faal is pure BS. Please don’t fall for it !

  5. Here is a poem I wrote which might interest some of the readers:

    Bottle our Air – NOW!

    As if 10 days of Chernobyl was not enough
    Now we have 400 days of Fukushima

    Oh yes, Chernobyl was a reactor meltdown
    But Fukushima is multiple spent fuel rods meltdown
    No, spent fuel rods melt throughs

    Fukushima seems to have released
    Hundred to thousand times more than Chernobyl

    We inhale ten to twenty cubic meters of air per day
    Fukushima has left more than five to ten hot particles in our daily supply

    One hot particle is enough to cause irreparable harm
    Are you the lucky one without a single hot particle?

    I am not sure if anyone is?
    Will this particle leave me alone alive?

    Let us hope you have none!
    But, is hope a cure for cancer?

    Let us use bottled air
    Free of hot particles

    But where will I find
    Air – free of hot particles?

    Not on this planet
    For some time to come!

    Let us bottle it now
    Before it gets any worse with earth quakes, tsunamis, floods & fires
    Giving us reactor or spent fuel rod meltdowns or melt throughs
    Just to speed it up – multiple melt downs or melt throughs!

    Is air without hot particles available on our only planet?
    Is our planet beyond repair and restore?

    Copyright c Chaitanya K Kalevar 416 657 8421

  6. Dear Mochizuki-san,

    I really, truely esteem what you and many others are doing, I used to leave in Tohoku some years ago and was planning to go back to see my old friends, but I am much more than scared, considering I have family…
    I have a question to you or any who wants to answer, I am appalled by the degree of common ignorance on these issues in the world. European media say very very little on all this, and I can even understand. What I can’t understand is how come that foreign scholars, lovers and people with deep personal knowledge of Japan do not believe that all what you show is taking place actually. I am more afraid by ignorance than by violence and fraud. However, this is my question: do you think it makes good or bad for your sites to be advertised more widely? Sometimes I feel I should send this link around, sometimes I feel it’s better if I don’t. What are your feelings on this?

  7. Yeah, I still find it sad that it’s taken over a year for the rest of the world to start waking the hell up. I still know people who argue with me that Fukushima isn’t a big deal and won’t affect us. “We have more important things to worry about” (ie. paying the bills). I’m sure TEPCO and the JP government shares their mindset.

    The others who actually believe that the situation is serious get so upset that they tell me to stop talking about it and not upset them anymore. The world is mostly made up of these two types of people. It’s no wonder things turn out like this.

    I read some articles on today that really show that humans have been making these kinds of disastrous mistakes for a long time. It seems that I’m still overestimating the intelligence of the human species. Here are a few of the links:

  8. It doesn’t have to be sodium ascorbate (intravenous) to work properly, just the sufficient dose a couple of times during the day.

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