Settlement report 4/18/2012

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Today I added some changes for the donation buttons. Now I can accept donations from 0.50 USD!

Because I was making my travel plan until 4:30 AM last night, I got a headache today and didn’t do any other things than working today. lol I haven’t decided where to go after this summer.

Web journalists who I know of are becoming sick one after one. Vomit, fever, diarrhea, pain in the chest etc.. mostly they are in Chiba but even people in Kyushu show the same symptoms. It’s rare to have stomach flu in this season.

If it’s because of radiation, even if you get recovered, you’ll soon have another health problem. Your body is destroyed, can’t be fixed. That’s the scary point of radiation.

Recently I hear more news like US or Russia are trying to offer international help for Fukushima. This is what I hoped last year. I actually aimed at it when I started FD to take their international support . However, now that I read the journal of NRC, I don’t even count on them. They won’t have a clue either. I find it too optimistic to call Fukushima a crisis. It’s not even a crisis. It’s over.

I’m afraid that they try to take more control over immigration if UN puts Fukushima under its control though they can’t even do anything. They will start even worse media blackout. then, I’d have to crawl into Fukushima with my laptop..

I heard the news that Russia and China were asked to accept 40 million immigration from Japan. I personally think that story is likely but I felt like there was a confusion at some point so I didn’t post it.

Oh now a news reporter showed this mutated dandelion in the TV show “Morning bird” of TV asahi. 2 flowers from one huge stem. 20 of them are growing close to each other in Tokyo. Maybe the dandelions were stressed. The TV show is asking for more pictures of mutated plants. I guess they read FD.


At last, today Tepco did another meaningless research to look around the water leakage point in torus room of reactor 2 because the water level was 60cm supposedly. Of course they couldn’t find anything. Tepco’s spokes man said, “if they can hear the sound of water, it may be near the water leakage point.” lol

Total dose of human : 0.28 mSv

Total dose of robot : 186 mSv

Highest radiation level : 120 mSv/h (North west corner)

Settlement report 4/19/2012Settlement report 4/19/2012 2

↑ Suppression chamber

Tepco assumed the water was leaking from the torus room. but the robot ran above the torus room to check the water wasn’t coming up from the manhole on the top of the room. In short, they didn’t check anything so I didn’t post it. They will release the video tomorrow but it will be meaningless as well. Water might be leaking from the bottom of torus room or maybe from container vessel directly.

torus robot

Good night.

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