Tepco lost the layout drawing of pipes and drains in Fukushima plant / Office ruined and entirely contaminated

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The layout drawings of pipes and drains and other important documents of Fukushima nuclear plant were lost, according to Tepco.

Tepco’s vice president Aizawa and Fukushima chief Ono stated that in the press conference of 12/11/2013.


The pipe / drain maps and other important documents were kept in the management office in Fukushima nuclear plant.

However because the office was significantly damaged and also contaminated, still they can’t take out those documents. Some of those documents are also too contaminated to take out.


Fukushima nuclear plant was designed decades ago. Even the vice presidents and Fukushima chief cannot comprehend the entire structure of the facility without the material.

Tepco doesn’t have the actual plan to take those documents out yet.





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Français :

Tepco a perdu les plans des canalisations de la centrale de Fukushima : Bureaux en ruines et complètement contaminés
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Les plans des tuyauteries et canalisations  et d’autres documents importants de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima ont été perdus, selon Tepco. M. Aizawa, vice-président de Tepco et M. Ono, chef de Fukushima, l’ont affirmé au cours de la conférence de presse du 11 décembre 2013.

Les cartes des tuyaux / drainages et d’autres documents importants étaient dans les bureaux administratifs de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima. Ils ne peuvent toujours pas aller les y récupérer parce que ces bureaux ont été gravement endommagés et contaminés. Certains d’entre eux sont aussi tellement radioactifs qu’il n’est plus possible de les toucher.

La centrale nucléaire de Fukushima a été conçue il y a des décennies. Même le vice-président et le chef de Fukushima ne peuvent comprendre toute la structure de l’usine sans ces éléments.
Tepco n’a pas encore réellement de plan pour récupérer ces documents.

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Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. Youu mean NO documents were ever backed up OR submitted to the NRC or other nuclear authorities..??? Find that very very hard to believe….

    1. Considering that TEPCO is a corporation with a history of fraud and corruption, including organized crime, this is not really surprising.

      In fact, TEPCO has been previously caught uttering falsified documentation.
      https : //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Electric_Power_Company#Safety_inspections

      http : //nuclearinformation.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/a-history-of-fraud-japans-tepco-nuclear-company/

      http : //www.globalresearch.ca/japanese-organized-crime-involved-in-recruitment-at-fukushima

      I wonder if they have finished removing all the weapons-grade Pu from the plant yet.

  2. I agree, they must have been some documents that exist other than those in the management office.

    I am also completely willing to believe that the management office contained the only set of ‘as built’ plans. They are also likely the only drafted work that contains modifications that had been made at the plant, after it was first commissioned.

    If the plant was operational, then there would not be a real problem if a valve was 5 meters from where you expected it, a control cable conduit on the opposite side of a hallway, a series of pump disconnects in reverse order on a wall, or a couple of pipe supports located where you thought you had line of sight, as per the original plans.

    Should I have to send a guy inside, in a hot suit, to drill a few inspection holes, mount a sensor inside a specific access plate, or start digging outside with my back hoe, I would not trust any set of plans that were last modified more than 5 years ago.

  3. IF,

    If these TEPCO morons had been competent, then there would be a complete 3D AutoCAD virtual plant, fully computerized and available anywhere required.

    As Built – As Modified – As Is

    Oh and the plant would have been 15 meters higher in elevation …

    And the Seawall would have been higher

    And there would have been an uphill water supply, pressurized and at the ready.

    And there would have been a secondary air-cooled tower


    But there is NOTHING but stupidity, murderous-liars and losers, for as FAR as the eye can see.


    Bill Duff

    1. Bill is right, complete 3D AutoCAD documents should have been
      online, this isn’t the 19th century, with construction documents
      on vellum and hand drawn and only one copy, ridiculous. Secret?
      Have you heard of INTRANET ? Closed private servers at a remote location ? and structurally it was not safe, as Bill points out.
      Incompetence all the way down. Lori Mochuzuki, what does “take a contact” mean ? Take an English lesson.

      1. Diane,

        The gentleman’s name is Iori, not Lori. The first letter is a capital ‘ i ‘ , not a lower case ‘ L ‘

        Lori is a given name, a variant of Laura, and is used in native English speaking countries.

        Iori is a personal name in Japanese.

        Using your logic, I would ask why you addressed your comment to Lori, for she is not the one who wrote the phrase in question ?

        His written English might not be perfect, but is very good, and easy to understand.

        When I am in Romania, a beautiful country well worth visiting, I always have a friend who is a native speaker with me. Romanian is but one of the languages in which Iori can hold a conversation. He provides his services for this site in English for the benefit of those who can not read or understand the data as provided by TEPCO. He also provides links for all of the source material. If it is better for you, feel free to use the Japanese material.

        I am thankful for him and all of his efforts, have donated to the site, and hold the greatest respect for his personal integrity and the degree of sacrifice he has given to this project.

        His phrase can be seen as asking for the media to contact him before using it. As it has been used in the past, without proper credit, it is clear that some in the media are willing to plagiarize his work. He simply wants those who use the material for profit, to share some of the money generated to keep the site running. This is a more than fair request.

        I regret your inability to copy text correctly, or understand his comment without feeling the need to ask your question in a public forum.

  4. No, they don’t want any one to see the plans. If the rumors are right, there are some type of military installation/tunnels/etc that they are trying to keep secret.

  5. The powerplant plans? Oh, we don’t have them anymore… They… they were lost during the great ‘plan’ fire of ’58!

  6. does the fbi manage tepco by any chance? they lose and find the most amazing things.

    one would think they are trying to exacerbate the disaster

  7. The plans were most likely drawn in the 60’s using traditional Vellum and blue print process.
    I’d be amazed if the inevitable changes were not licensed to JPG NRA. However, the changes may
    have been sent in little change drawings and were never integrated in the whole.

    The JPG NRA no doubt has all the changes, but they could be scattered across warehouses
    for the last 50 years.

    If TEPCO lacks the integrated drawings, well they need to go rescue them
    from the management offices.

  8. They can rescue the drawings, dry them out and if they are contaminated lay them out
    under lead glass.

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