20,290 Bq/Kg of cesium from Yacon tea and already consumed

Following up this article..17,200 Bq/Kg from tea leaves

From another sample of yacon tea, they measured 20,290 Bq/Kg of cesium.
ヤーコン茶から17,200Bq/kg が検出された問題で、今回別の検体から20,290Bq/kgが検出されました。

The tea maker GOLD rand announce they measured 17,200 Bq/kg from Yacon tea leaved on 4/12, but they additionally announced they measured 14,970~20,290 Bq/kg from 4 of 10 samples made in 2011.
販売元である株式会社 GOLD randは4/12の段階で17,200Bq/kgと発表していましたが、その後2011年製造の10検体中4検体から14,970~20,290 Bq/kgを検出したとのことです。

They started collecting the products from 4/10 but they have collected only 40 of 1100 on 4/14. Some of them have already been consumed.
Currently they can take contact with only 80% of the retailers.





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