13 of 21 children had urine test positive


A citizen’s group “Association to think about aging Fukushima plants” had 21 children have urine test in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Chiba, and 13 of them had cesium measured from their urine.

2 of them, who are 4 years old female infant from Iwate and 17 years old male student from Fukushima had cesium decreased to 1/5~2/5 since last urine test in 2011. The group assumes it’s because they tried to avoid contaminated food, but it is not reported if other 11 children didn’t avoid contaminated food.


子ども13人尿に微量セシウム 市民団体、21人調査



2012/03/07 18:49 【共同通信】

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