“Support by eating” campaign caused children internal exposure

Following up this article..13 of 21 children had urine test positive

The citizen’s group “Association to think about aging Fukushima plants”held a press conference on 3/7/2012, announced the lowest reading was 0.79 Bq/L (Cesium 134 + 137) of a 9 years old boy living in Miyagi, and the highest reading was 3.89 Bq/L of a 17 years old boy in Fukushima.
A 4 years old boy in Chiba was positive too (1.47 Bq/L) to prove the distance from the Fukushima plants have nothing to do with internal exposure.

From their hearing research, those children who had cesium measured from urine turned out to have eaten local vegetables or domestic farming vegetables. After they changed it to vegetables from western Japan or Hokkaido, the cesium amount decreased drastically.


検出されたセシウム134、137の合計中、最小値は宮城県伊具郡9歳男児の0.79ベクレル/ℓ で、最大値は福島県福島市17歳男子の3.89ベクレル/ℓ 。(ACROの検出限界は0・3ベクレル/ℓ)



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