Where to go when SFP of reactor 4 falls off ?

At this moment, one of the biggest risk is the SFP of reactor 4.

Japanese government talks they need to evacuate further than 250km (Around Yokohama), but this would be a lie as always.

Dr. Arnie Gundersen warns they need to go further than 450km.

Here FD puts the map just for your information.

Where to go when SFP of reactor 4 falls off ?


From looking at the map, if you are in Tokyo, you seem to need to go down to Nagoya or even more south.

Considering the usage of international airport, Osaka would be a smarter choice.

Have a nice trip.







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16 Responses to “Where to go when SFP of reactor 4 falls off ?”

  1. chris says:

    why is this so bad? The spent fuel in reactor 3 has already been vaporised and plutonium has been spread around the world for many months now. Compared to that this isn’t even a story.

    • Mochizuki says:

      That’s the question of if you want 1 pint of shit or double.

    • Florian Matthias Zschage from Kiel, Germany says:

      But at SFP #3, it went out onto the ocean according to the wind direction. Next one could have North-Northeast…

      And #3 didn’t catch fire, but exploded – which is a completely different way to volatize nuclides (fire is worse).

  2. anon says:

    Mochizuki-san, this is the thing that makes me most nervous about Fukushima. The building obviously isn’t in good shape, and there have been quite a few earthquakes nearby. If an earthquake doesn’t do it in, the building, being so close to the ocean, will slowly weaken and weather away without protection. If the pool fails, it would probably cause a domino effect with the rest of the plant. Something could happen soon or something could happen 20 years from now. No one except Tepco and their contacts knows how risky the situation really is. By observing their actions we can only guess.

    • jec says:

      Per news reports and such, TEPCO and stock holders are moving assets from Japan, building city (s) in India. For “Investors”…Guess that tells you what they think. Only thing left in Japan alive will be insects (cockroaches) which are not affected by radiation -if SFP 4 goes.

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  4. KA says:

    Message by radiesthesia June 26, 2011 said :


    Message November 11, 2011 confirmed info found on the Internet : “Yes,there has been a nuclear explosion, but not disclosed !”

    Messages predicted several times already info found on the Internet :
    “reacteur 4 leaning, risking total collapse would cause massive increase in radioactivity ”

    Message January 12th, 2012 confirmed risk of collapse of reactor 4 / info found on the Internet :
    “if another aftershock hits the plants and the pool falls down,the entire area around Tokyo will be literally hot zone. ”
    “Red alert: Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 possibly collapsing, say sources, mass evacuations may be necessary ”
    I invite you to read all otherworldly Messages on
    in order to protect you.

  5. CinnamonJapan says:

    This is going to be HELL, nothing less, when the SFP breaks down. We’ll have to run for our life (but nowhere to run, really). Let’s not forget what Gundersen and others said: it will be hell also for the whole Northern hemisphere.

  6. KA says:

    You have to run now ! You’ll find a way to escape radiation, but you have to search for a solution on your own ; Government won’t help you.
    See why you have to run : http://attentiondanger.over-blog.com/pages/LIFESAVING_WARNINGS_TO_THE_JAPANESE_PEOPLE-6023150.html

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  8. John says:

    When SFP collapses it means global war about water, food and place. It will bring down everything. It will be a new global game with real wappens called surviving.
    And there will be an other thing. No one knows what happend to our nature. There will be something coming up we do not know and we will never handle.
    We make fire for money and it seems we can`t extinguish it. Now we are in an easy situation. If money wins we lose, thats all.

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  10. Chase says:

    High Radiation detected in New Zealand. That’s the Southern Hemisphere.

    Radio Interview with Peter Daley, starts at 8 minutes in.

    Winds and currents mix. It’s just a matter of time. We cannot run from this, at least not for long.


    Plutonium is know as “the element of the Lord of Hell’. There’s a reason for that.

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  12. Dave Laz says:

    Mochizuki-san, where we need to go to when pool 4 goes is the moon, but I can’t afford a ticket there.
    Peace and don’t stop reporting the truth.

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