Military helicopters observed around south Tokyo area

Around Yokohama, where is south to Tokyo, people are watching unusual number of military helicopter flying.




(About the picture above) This is not the bird, it’s helicopter. Did something happen ?


@snowcone_31 私も昼前にヘリコプターが6機編隊で南西方向に飛んで行くのを見ました。(中央区築地にて)


I saw 6 helicopters in a formation before noon, from the south to the west. at Chuoku Tsukiji Tokyo




The ones flying in Tokyo seem to be self defense force. Are they still in some kind of training ?


@advertisingphot:  先ほど横浜青葉区上空を17機の大型ヘリコプターが轟音たてて通過しました。午前中にも通過したし、なんなのでしょう。


Now 17 large helicopters flew with massive noise above Aobaku Yokohama. They passed in the morning too. I wonder what is happening..


@BGZSURF 自分のツイート削除されました。何かおかしい


(About the picture above)

My previous post was removed. Strange..






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13 Responses to “Military helicopters observed around south Tokyo area”

  1. joytek says:

    very interesting to hear that … since here in South Korea, Chuncheon helicopters (both army and what appears to be coastguard … even though we are far from the coast) have been circling overhead since early after the earthquake … everyday there are TONS of them flying around, on days when I noted rad spikes and the German weather map I look at (
    shows the fallout cloud going our way, there is a chopper overhead every 15 or so minutes … whereas there was only one a day at the most for the last few years since the US army base (camp Page) has been shuttered a few years back.
    I am assuming that they are taking air samples and running rad surveys … today around noon, on my way to work I saw an army chopper get really low over the fields behind my house and slowly sweep across the fields as if scanning them … I have never seen so much air activity in all my 11 years here … and in such odd patterns too … I think there is something brewing and we are not being told (of course we would be the last to know …) … sounds paranoid … black choppers and all … I know, but it is just so obvious and out of the ordinary it is not possible to avoid noticing … for example, I tried to shoot a video of a local waterfall in the forest near my house with nice calming water sound for meditation but could not get a quiet 15 minutes without choppers … I tried a few days in a row but eventually gave up since it just wasn’t possible.

  2. Wellwisher says:

    I guess there will be more as the political try to find a way of reducing the appearance of unwelcome readings in the white papers.

    More chance of averaging out recorded data if you fly at least one broken meter,one blocked intake,one incompetent operator,one computer glitch,a hangover,a foreign data scrambling virus,a failed battery,a meter not switched on,a Noda voter,a Yakuza,the IMF and cannibals.

  3. Xanadu says:

    They are preparing for population containment. Once it gets public that Fukushima is BAD, a massive exodus will start and panic will settle in, especially as they plan to cut highways and major roads. In other words, training for civil war. Happy New Year!

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  5. Brideheim says:

    Sounds very, very bad, but what Xanadu says above sounds unfortunately and strangly true…

  6. CaptD says:

    Lets hope they are just stirring the air in an attempt to distribute the pollution; but flying that many helicopters costs major bucks so I suggest that as many people as possible try and find out why they are doing this now…

    Ask your news papers!

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